What Sequel to a Last Gen Game/Franchise was Your Biggest Disappointment this Gen?


Apr 21, 2018
I have to echo Uncharted 4. It's the worst game in the series for me. It's not fun to play. I couldn't wait for it to finish.

The high point of the game was spoiled in its entirety in an e3 demo.


To its ports I have been
Oct 25, 2017
Cape Cod, MA
Need for Speed Rivals for me. Coming off the excellent Criterion titles this was a massive step down. I hated the always online stuff that was central to the game. Having to bank your progress for it to count made the game too tense for me to enjoy.


Oct 25, 2017
Mirror's Edge: Catalyst. It's still impressive just how hard they bungled that game after the brilliance that was ME1.
May 20, 2018
The real heartbreaker for me though is Deus Ex. I loved Human Revolution, but Mankind Divided just let me down. All the new characters are barely fleshed out, almost none of the old characters return for any extended period of time. A lot of the plot felt like I was expected to have read some ancillary novel or comic to understand the details of what was going on, and it ended with a lame cliffhanger that will now never be resolved. The gameplay was great, but for an RPG the story was a let down.
I think Mankind Divided was a beautiful intro to a story that held tremendous potential but never got off the ground. I think the studio and publisher set themselves up for failure by first, being impatient and not finishing the game and second, setting sales expectations that were too high for what basically amounted to a 1/3 game. I would have been cool if they came out the gate stating that this MD was the first part of a serial or something, sort of like the Hitman model. But now, due to low sales, we might not even get the rest of the game. For shame.


Jan 6, 2018
Mass Effect Andromeda,
Super Mario Odyssey
Uncharted 4

A combination of high expectations and design decisions that didn't fit with my personal preferences for the series made the games seem disapointing


Oct 25, 2017
Metro Exodus is probably the most recent example. Did not expect how poorly designed their open worlds would be. That game is really only good in the more linear sections


Oct 25, 2017
I liked Fallout 3. It was a step back from Fallout 2, but it was a pretty good proof of concept. Fallout 4 is just a bad game. It has all the problems that Fallout 3 had, it didn't fix any of them. Moreover, it ruined the good stuff. It is just a bad, bad game.

This is only made so much worse by the existence of New Vegas. New Vegas showed them how to improve upon Fallout 3 in a way that made sense. Oh, and for the next gen they could have released a game that didn't look stupidly ugly and that wasn't unrelentingly buggy.

But no, they made Fallout 4. Then a bunch of dumb reviewers gave the game positive scores despite it clearly being a hot mess. Then everyone was surprised when Fallout 76 moved in a similarly stupid direction for some reason. Hopefully people have finally woken up and Bethesda will actually have to make games that don't look like a pile shit, aren't broken, and actually play decently well (they may even gather the nerve to put some of the RPG elements back into their RPG).


Oct 27, 2017
Uncharted 4 wasn't a disappointment, because 3 was already terrible, so I went in with zero expectations.
It's much better than 3 at least.

I'll echo Breath of the Wild because it just didn't click with me.
Does Wii U count as this gen? It kind of overlaps with two generations of the other consoles... If so, Xenoblade X.
I love XB1 and 2, but X did nothing for me.


Nov 8, 2017
Rock Band was one of my most played things last gen. Rock Band 4 was disappointing but still really fun at launch, but over time I realized I didn't have the desire to come back to it, especially since the improvements were really too little too late. So probably that.

Final Fantasy might be another pick for me. I greatly prefer XIII/Crisis Core to XV/Type-0. XIII had much better combat and a more visually interesting world than XV, and Crisis Core's game design wasn't anywhere near as repetitive or uneven as Type-0, with a story that was self-indulgent but at least fun. The only reason I put RB instead is because that's actually something synonymous with last-gen while FF isn't.

Halo is disappointing but Halo 5 isn't a bad game. Just definitely not as good as 3/Reach/4 for me. Same goes for Pokemon.


Feb 14, 2019
Mass effect Andromeda! No competition there. The Mass effect games are in my top 10 and was so excited about a another entry in the series. I gave it a good 10 hours before giving up.


Jun 26, 2018
The oddly specific thread premise made me wonder if this was a stealth thread for bagging on something popular like Uncharted 4, or God of War and sure enough OP didn’t disappoint.

For my money, I guess Fallout 4 was bad, as an RPG, but it wasn’t much worse than fallout 3 sooooo... and the shooting was a little better.


Oct 25, 2017
Hmmm... I'm not sure which game it is for me. More like aspects of games that let me down. Breath of the Wild's dungeons. Halo 5's lack of splitscreen. Those two really bummed me out. I still liked BotW a lot. Halo 5 less so, but not being able to play it couch co-op with a friend was the biggest disappointment.


Oct 27, 2017
it's not per se from this gen since nintendo went on with the switch..but since the ps4 came at the end of 2013 and this game is from 2014 , i'll say bayonettta 2

it was the reason, together with smash, why i bought a wii u in the first place, hoping to find another masterpiece

instead i found a game that looks like a bayonetta game, but doesn't play like one.

that's also why i have very little hype for bayo 3 as long as they don't announce that kamiya is back directing


Oct 27, 2017
MGS5 was a total shit show. It didn't have anything of what made the old games so great. At least Kojima redeemed himself with Death Stranding.

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Nov 8, 2017
I enjoyed my first playthrough of UC4 quite a bit but I don't like replaying it because the pacing isn't great. The pacing isn't great due to them removing mechanics and not having time to shorten the brain dead climbing sections.

Still crazy that they shipped that game in only 2 years.

As far as the topic is concerned, Infamous Second Son, worse in every way compared to Infamous 2 besides the visuals.


The Fallen
Nov 19, 2017
Probably Pokemon Sw/Sh. I don't mind the graphics, I can forgive them at least and they look alright most of the time. Just a shame the first console Gen lacks so much of the 'mon and features from X/Y. I know they won't be supported in game but it might feel a little better to at least have them on a modern system with the Pokemon Bank replacement.

Also not a particular game but I'm pretty disappointed in how Assassin's Creed went. I haven't played Odyssey or Origins yet but even Syndicate had grindy moments. I would vastly prefer a story driven AC that had extra stuff to do optionally than what the series has become. I will still give Origins and Odyssey a chance if my backlog become baron, I see them dirt cheap digitally (not sure how this hasn't happened yet!) or they come free* with PS+.


Mar 7, 2018
Hotline Miami 2. Maybe one day I'll learn to appreciate it for what it is but as a sequel I was disappointed with its greater focus on gunplay.


The Fallen
Nov 7, 2017
Not really a 'last gen franchise', but I guess it has its current identity from last gen.... blarghh.... anyway....

Fallout 4

I really loved Fallout 3. I put almost 200 hours into that sumbitch. Even just another potential 200 hour expansion in a new location should have been enough to satisfy me, but it didn't.
I greatly disliked the addition of your MC having a voice. I feel it limited dialogue options significantly. As cheesy as it sounds, I felt I couldn't 'role play' as much. The base building was kind of neat at first, but it lost its luster and became annoying when I had like five settlements constantly asking for assistance. I think a single hub that you could help grow and advance would have been a lot more involving and even personal, but yeah. I also wasn't crazy about how colorful it was. I like the drab, apocalyptic look of Fallout 3. It helped pull me into the overall mood better. I was also hoping for more of a visual leap as it was a new generation and had been 7 years since F3. What I got just made me feel like I was playing a spruced up 360/PS3 game.
Sadly, between Fallout 4 and Fallout 76, my confidence in Bethesda as a developer has fallen off a cliff this gen. I have no idea if we'll even get a Fallout 5, but I hope Starfield and ESVI impress.