What is your favorite Ubisoft open world?


Oct 27, 2017
Victorian London in AC Syndicate. It was simply fantastic to play in that city. The wide streets that enable horse carriage duels, the beautiful parks, the River Thames, everything was perfect in my book.


Oct 28, 2017
AC: Brotherhood, and if you're allowing it to be an open world, AC2. Felt connected to the environments like no other Ubi game: recognisable locations, perfect time period and great attention to detail. It helps that I knew more about the Italian Rennaisance period than ancient Greece and Egypt.

I loved all the cities in the Assassin's Creed Ezio games.

2 and Brotherhood I love how you were funding renovations for such iconic buildings as you progress in the game. Later games in the series either don't have architecture as well known, or the cities themself just aren't as inpactful as Rome or Florence.

And even Revelations I loved because I remembered it being a really dense city that also expanded the color pallet of the game compared to the previous ones so it looked gorgeous.
Yeah the architecture really sets the trilogy apart from the other games. Odyssey might have more majestic vistas, but it's not as fun as climbing over the tight rooftops in Venice.


Dec 4, 2018
AC Origins for life. It /feels/ real.

Shout out to Watch Dogs 2. The citizens act and react in a very believable way.