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UK General Election 12th December 2019 |OT1| Hindsight is 20/19


Oct 26, 2017
Just seen a bit of Raab hand waving away that Tory twitter scam. Dark times, far too close to the American way of political coverage. Lie after lie doesn't matter under the guise of balanced news coverage.

Nobody can let the Tories in, think what they've been like and what they will do, honestly frightening with the evil scum in their ranks. 10 years and people want more, how insane is that.


Oct 25, 2017
So Lib Dem manifesto seems alright then?


Imagine wanting your Brexit so badly that you end up doing this.

Found the article ending with this unintentionally funny:

A week later Dalla Mura tried to intercept the MP in Westminster, saying she wanted to “have a word”, but did not manage to find her.

Also pleasantly surprised by the comments on this article - really think that stunt backfired for them.



Oct 28, 2017
When I first stared working at HMRC (2015) I was on the phones for the tax credit helpline.

Some of the stuff I heard was absolutely diabolical. People going hungry to feed their kids or deciding if they can use some of their gas money to either cook or heat the house.

I really feel a lot of people who voted to leave voted because they were already at rock bottom and said to themselves "fuck it, can't get worse than this."
The problem is, it can and it will if the Tories win the election and the UK leaves the EU.