Ugliest monster in gaming?

Oct 30, 2017
Good lord, fuck that thing lol. I also remember looking through its eyes before encountering it and wondering why the pov was so low only for that nasty ass head to pop up and scare the living shit out of me.

The Siren series in general has some fucked up stuff. The way the shibitos start getting insect like features in Siren 1 was horrifying, and Siren 2 was filled with gigantic deformed monstrosities with oversized human heads which was all kinds of messed up. However I nominate the maggot shibito from Siren: Blood Curse which is basically a giant half-human-half-maggot with a heavily distorted human voice which never fails to fill me with terror.

yeah fuck that


The Fallen
Nov 7, 2017
On the one hand I am glad that we got these monsters realized by PS2 tech and not with the full hammer of next gen, on the other hand I would love to see these in a photo realistic game. Fuck Konami. Can you imagine the skin really looking like skin and the blood being so real that they feel tangible.
I think I actually find the reflective, glossy flesh of many of the Ito SH creatures more unsettling than if they had realistic looking skin.

I mean, Homecoming used the SH Movie nurses, which have outfits made out of stitched skin, and they looked very convincing, but I still find the Bubbleheads of SH2 with that wet looking gloss to be a lot creepier.


Mar 17, 2019
Some dark souls and most bosses from bloodborne were creepy ugly

But this here was just a nightmare for me as a kid


The Fallen
Sep 2, 2018
For the two seconds I played blood borne I fuckin hated these things. Birds creep me out and their animation is creepy


Oct 25, 2017

Ugliest? Nah, but I find the mix of pretty and cute with the huge alien head very unsettling. D:
Especially compared to the cutie that FFXV's Carbuncle was:

Jan 15, 2018
I like how the animation clearly changes when the full body is revealed, lol.

Also, where the hell is this from?
It's from one of the episodes of Love, Death, and Robots. It's a pretty solid anthology series risen from the ashes of Tim Miller and David Finchers failed Heavy Metal project.

Edit: oof, beaten by seconds.