TV Displays and Tech Thread |OT2| There Is No Perfect TV ™ (Read The OP)


Oct 25, 2017
Most have a sleep timer you can set, otherwise I think some universal remotes allow you to program in commands that respond for a fixed time.
What are you actually using the display for 20 hours a day?
Lol! So my Aunt likes to sleep with the TV on. 2 previous TV's died because of that. The latest TV the backlight is just gone. It powers on but you can barely see a picture. I'd like for her to get a TV where this wouldn't happen.


Oct 26, 2017
Been having a real hell of a go getting a 65” B9 from Amazon. Was “scheduled” for Tuesday delivery. Call 1 minute before the delivery window closes and they say oh yeah that never shipped. Get told Wednesday’s the day (it wasn’t) now I’m looking at next Saturday because of my schedule and delivery windows. Learned something about amazon CS. The chat function can’t get you a manager. Always call. Was offered 15% off the tv on delivery which is all that’s having me hold on to this delivery.
Continuing this saga: finally got the TV a week and a half after my first date. Had a delivery window of 9am-12pm and it showed up at 245pm. Called up amazon again and they threw me 100 bucks and upped my discount to 20% making me the owner of the cheapest 65 B9 on amazon. Hell of a go but boy is it a pretty TV now that I’ve got it. Hating not having a HBO app though. Gotta figure that out.