Trump administration discussing militarization of U.S.-Canada border


The Fallen
Oct 26, 2017

Tim Mak @timkmak

NPR reports: US officials tell NPR that the Pentagon is expected to send up to 1,000 US troops to the border with Canada to assist Customs and Border Protection

Another ~500 troops are expected to head to the Mexican border.

The troops will not perform law enforcement duties​

5:19 PM - Mar 26, 2020


Oct 25, 2017
Having US military that close to our border is pretty unnerving.
It is already effectively that way already at present. Customs and border patrol actually has jurisdiction within 100 miles of any US border inside the country. San Diego and LA are all effectively within ICE and CBP jurisdiction. We even have immigration check points at highways here.


Nov 1, 2017
Of course he is, he'll blame anyone and anything be it China, Mexico or Canada, never himself or the like. He'll point an accusing finger at others while doing the shit he accuses them of doing to play it up to his base.


Oct 25, 2017
This still won't stop Ricky, Julian, Bubbles and the rest of the Sunnyvale crew from smuggling dope over the border in a toy train.
Oct 27, 2017
Stupid and unworkable. Have you seen what the border is like between Washington, Idaho and British Columbia, for instance? We're talking mountain ranges and very remote forests throughout most of it.