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The Lie That Helped Build Nintendo [IGN]


Oct 28, 2017
The Club Nintendo portion of the story reminds me how I still have a small axe to grind about that period in time circa the Wii - Wii U era when Bergsala closed down Club Nintendo and we got literally none of the cool benefits that US and the rest of Europe got. We still got all those redeemable codes shoved into the game cases that we really couldn't do anything with but throw away or hoard for a UK account that couldn't ship physical goods over to us (there was even a section on their website where they told customers that they should throw the codes out since they can't do anything with them). Felt so left out considering they were trailblazers at one point, but thankfully that's all different now and we're back to the same level as everyone else. (Oddly, when I finished watching this video, My Nintendo sent me a message that my SNES posters shipped. What a cosmic coincidence.)

Anyway, that was a great story. Amazing testament to perseverance, definitely explains why Nintendo's always felt so ingrained in this country, and makes me feel innate pride about it. Visiting Marios Gata for the first time the other month was a pretty fun, surreal experience. It really emphasized how Bergsala weren't just some distributor but actual partners who assimilated the DNA of Nintendo and are proud of making that association known.
Hell I remember a bunch of games being the same SKU as every other PAL copy but with the star points removed lol. This is why, as a Swede, I'm glad Nintendo Europe's digital rewards are finally accessible to us here lol, finally. They even ship the physical goods you can get too, which is nice.

Edit: Negativity around Bergsala aside,they at least had the (to me extremely important at the time) promotion of subscribing to Club Nintendo to get the Zelda Collector's Edition disc with OOT, MM, Zelda 1 and 2.

And this really is an incredible story lmao
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Oct 28, 2017
Thanks for posting! Really interesting to come across, would probably not have seen otherwise as I do not that regularly follow IGN.

While the "general story" has been told before, there's certainly heaps of new information here. Being Danish and having known Bergsala for decades now, it's interesting to come across this background. I remember when they took over distribution rights in Denmark, quite a while back - for a long time, they seemed to have a bit of an "evil corporate" image in Denmark, for some reason. Learning more and more about them over the years, it's cool to have gotten to know they have such serious roots.

I did always have some weird feeling that there was something oddly special about them - with the entire "Marios Gata" road, headquarters and that - but it's really cool to see even more details come forth here.

And unbelievably intimidating with the entire "if the NES collided with the video game crash" alternate history - but of course, these kinds of fears might as well apply to everything throughout history, lol.


Oct 27, 2017
Just watched this, killer work Mr. Skrebels! Nobody really covers the stories behind reginal distributors. Probably tons of great, under-reported stories out there! I want more!


Oct 28, 2017
Okay, that was really epic! Anybody who has even the slightest interest in Nintendo's history should watch or read this!