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Smash needs an indie representative. Who should it be?

Oct 27, 2017
There's not a single indie game that deserves a character in Smash in my opinion. Having an assist trophy is already big enough.
I mean, hollow knight is a bigger sales juggernaut than bayonetta ever can hope to, and at least around the start of the year was well outpacing persona 5 too, with the sequel initially switch console exclusive too, so I think you're setting the bar higher than it actually is.


Oct 27, 2017
I wanted it to be Shovel Knight or Shantae. Shovel Knight was a massive success on Nintendo systems when it came out and IMO I view it to be a sort of a symbolic representation of Nintendo's welcoming of Indies during the Wii U flop days. I also wanted Shantae since that indie's been on Nintendo systems since the Gameboy Color, which really can't be said for any other prominent(ish) indie on Nintendo systems.

Both those choices didn't make the cut. In my eyes that means that Nintendo isn't really too bothered with having an "indie rep" in Smash Ultimate. There's literally none that are more worthy than Shovel Knight or Shantae, impact wise. Hollow Knight is phenomenal but there isn't a solid prior relationship with Nintendo like Wayforward or Yacht Club Games have with Nintendo. It was just a really great indie that was announced for switch and took a long-ass time to get there.

Idk. I love me some Hollow Knight but I'd get crabby if I find out that Hollow Knight gets in when Shovel Knight or Shantae are still on the sidelines. The indie rep from smash should represent Nintendo's efforts in the indie space in particular, as well as the indie rep having their game on the Switch system. With those in mind, idk of any more worthy than those already included.
Shoulda been Shovel Knight. Such a great, quality game that taps into the original Nintendo aesthetic and improves upon it.

I doubt if Cuphead counts since the studio is owned by Microsoft I think, but Cuphead with Mugman as an alt would be just the best.
I feel people are looking way too deep in Base Game Spirits and Assist Trophy selections as not being worthy for playable status when Ultimate was a game that was absolutely not focused on it's newcomers that much.

The game was going to have a minimum of 63 characters with them bringing back every character that's been playable in the history of Smash and alongside that had a huge focus on legacy content such as bringing in 100 stages with a large portion of them being redone stages from previous titles. So in that regard a selection for newcomers was going to be sparse especially for new franchises. They seemed to only have resources for two and one of them was obviously going to be Splatoon so not much room there.

With DLC they're continuously adding in characters so why not make a spot or two for Indie characters that have been highly requested and still have relevancy?
Oct 27, 2017
Quote and Curly Brace from Cave Story would fit in nicely, I think.
Quote is like the original Nintendo Indie character. Cave Story was an indie darling on the Wii before it was cool to be an indie game on a Nintendo console.

Nah, quote shouldn't be in just because nicalis notoriously ripped the rights away from the actual original developer and would probably get most if not all proceeds from it, and they don't goddamned deserve it.


Oct 27, 2017
Clearly Hollow Knight. One of the biggest indie success stories this gen that's strongly associated with the Switch. And the knight is iconic designwise, he'd fit in extremely well. He's also got a fitting move set for Smash.

I don't even need to mention stages and music. The Smash team could go nuts here.


Jan 14, 2019
Smash won't even let any first-party handheld series have playable characters.

Doubtful they'll ever have a playable indie character


Oct 25, 2017
Shovel Knight is the easiest answer ever for this thread. Status as an assist trophy, whatever that is, shouldn't negate the awesome potential for this character as a playable one. Imagine all the moves that could incorporate other characters from the SK universe.


Oct 27, 2017
People really be acting like Smash is too good for indie characters in the same year they added Banjo Kazooie and Terry Bogard from SNK in succession


Mar 13, 2018
I think a Level 5 character would be more worthy than any indie, as indies are normally one-offs. Including a popular indie from nowadays would later feel like including the guy from Little King Story or Zack from Zack & Wiki. Good games for their era, but they don't represent a long franchise. Retro characters feel different to me in that sense, though, but I did feel like that about Shulk or Rosallina when they got in.

Anyways, if we go by popularity in Japan, I think it's either Cave Story, Undertale or Touhou.


Oct 25, 2017
If I had to pick, either Shovel Knight or The Knight (as in from Hollow Knight)

honestly though, I think the Assist Trophy spot is where they should be.


Apr 17, 2018
is anyone gonna mention that the playable character isn't called "hollow knight".
honestly the hollow knight/pure vessel would be much more fun than the knight though

also it should be raymoo
fuck outta here shantae


Aug 29, 2019
Shantae in the next game. Quote is a good contender.
Don't think any indie will be DLC this gen (including Reimu).

edit: some of the characters in the thread like Madeline doesn't make much sense in terms of moveset and history (for both the industry and Nintendo).


Oct 25, 2017
If it was gonna be anyone, it would have been Shovel Knight. They even have multiple amiibo (5?) and still the closest they could get was an Assist Trophy. After that would probably be Undertale, which doesn't have the strong Nintendo connection that SK/S/TT have, but Undertale itself is obviously a massive indue game. They got a costume, which I dunno feels bigger than the Assist Trophy to me since you can actually [technically] play as a character from the game.

Next on the list would be Shantae, and after her Travis Touchdown if he counts as indie.