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SIE Worldwide Studios |OT5| Part II


Mr. Gematsu
Oct 25, 2017
First of all, the purpose of reporting news is to inform readers, not to boost one's Twitter following. No matter what I choose or don't choose to report, that will always be the case. Second of all, I am not planning on writing an article about every single video game coming to the PS5. Y'all need to actually listen to what I said on the podcast instead of raging over bullet-point summaries of a long and free-flowing conversation.
For the record, this what Jason said:

Jason Schreier said:
"I would say most [games are being made cross-gen] from what I've heard. Certainly all the third-party stuff. I'd imagine that something like Assassin's Creed: Kingdom, the Viking Assassin's Creed, is definitely going to be on PS4, Xbox One, Scarlett, PS5---that's the type of game that will be on everything---Stadia---which I imagine is such a pain in the ass for those engineers to have to suddenly ship on seven SKUs at once, it's crazy. And then I've heard some of the PS5 launch titles. I won't say them yet because I'm probably going to try to do some sort of report on that stuff in the future, but those will be PS5-only. Some of the stuff I've heard about that is PS5-only. I haven't heard anything about Xbox first-party games, but I'm sure their stuff is going to be on as much stuff as usual. Actually they already said Halo: Infinite is going to be cross-gen, so Microsoft I'm sure will be much less about exclusives."

In the future, when citing podcasts, videos, etc. it's nice to take a minute to write up the actual quote. Quotes are kewl.


Apr 26, 2019
Why Sony doesn't make a God of War spinoffs like Darksiders Genesis? it could be really great and bridge the gab story wise (what happened after GoW3? what happened between GoW and GoW2 etc..)


Oct 23, 2019
In fact, there is also likely to predict the return of Ape Escape during this State Of Play because I do not know if you forgot but last June an image had teased the potential return of the license.

Added to that is the fact that Japan Studio has to announce its new game this year, they said last year.

This was just a little tribute for the 20th Anniversary.

Never supposed to tease anything.

For Japan Studio, this is one of the games pushed on PS5 that Zhuge talk about not long ago, so, nothing this year !
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Oct 25, 2017
I really hope stuff like Nioh 2 is there. It's weird when a game associated with Sony have a trailer released close to SoP instead of being shown there.


Oct 30, 2017
Yeah it's great. So stylish too.

And when I thought the music couldn't get any better, the game introduces this one near the end.

I also really liked how different it feels compared to other turned based rpgs, with the daily stuff and confidants.
Yeah that one is great
I don’t particularly like turn-based RPG but this one with its stylish animation make the game more dynamic
The daily stuff and Confident is well done

The ones I love the most


Jul 10, 2019


Oct 29, 2017


Oct 23, 2019
That was 1 year ago... Things sometimes moved...

Don't you seen Zhuge sayin' that it remains couples of unnanounced PS4 games and Sony was thinking about making them PS5 or not ?

This is one of them... And they pushed it for PS5
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