SIE Worldwide Studios |OT5| Part II

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Oct 26, 2017
What the hell would they show on a new State of Play right before TGA? I dont think it makes too much sense
Oct 25, 2017
yea i think its gonna be at a state of play.
which is awesome
that is the kind of investment that sony should do into these stuff, had this not leaked all over, it would have been a great surprise.
At the moment with SoP I actually think a little bit of foreknowledge, whether that's formally announced (like TLoU PII) or leaked (like RE3 potentially) is better. The execution is still a little too uncertain and recovering from the 1st one being a little weak, that they need some bait to get people's attention.


Oct 30, 2017
With Sony fronting Resident Evil this whole gen, I wouldn't be surprised if Sony wants to be the first reveal RE3 Remake too.

Similar to how Sony handled FF7 Remake up to E3, where they get to reveal a 2 min teaser through their State of Play then Capcom does in-depth demo later at either this month's Jump Fiesta 2020 or The TGA's. Plus It's PlayStation 25th Anniversary. Gotta reveal how we gonna get our free PS 25th Avatar & Theme.
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Oct 25, 2017
What the hell would they show on a new State of Play right before TGA? I dont think it makes too much sense
Sony still have quite a few PS4 and PSVR games to show before the PS5 reveal. Ironman, Predator, GoT, Nioh 2, FF7R, Dreams and RE3 would all be possible candidate for great 15 minutes SoP. GoT as the focus while RE3 is the big surprise.


Nov 8, 2017
At the beginning of Paper Beast for PlayStation VR, I stand alone on a windswept desert. A small crab-like animal wanders by. I can pick it up and throw it, if I like. But it seems harmless, so I don’t bother it too much.

A moment later, a much larger creature walks towards me, making me feel glad that I wasn’t too much of a bully to the little critter. This new beast is like a giraffe or a dinosaur, except its structure is much too complex to be of this earth. I realize that this majestic being is an origami creation, and it means me no harm.
And yes, this game does recall Journey, that poetic world of sharp polygons, sand dunes and ribbons, of windswept vistas, monuments and strange beings. Paper Beast is a pretty landscape of the mystical.
I interact with the creatures by playing with them, like a dog-owner throwing a ball for a bounding pet. Or, when trouble arrives in the form of wolf-like predators, I can use my powers to lift the prey up, and throw them to safety.


Oct 25, 2017
the Netherlands
Oct 24, 2019
"to many more". It's like they want to fan the flames XD
Especially because it's not like every single second party that Sony's ever worked with makes tweets like these. I feel like Remedy interacts with Sony on Twitter a LOT, same from KojiPro (which is more understandable since they just made a console exclusive together, but still).

Not to mention Sam Lake making a cameo in Death Stranding, and Hideo Kojima making a cameo in Control. Two studio heads who are buddy-buddy with each other, and also both buddy-buddy with SIE studios/figures... it's all just awfully conspicuous.


Oct 25, 2017
I was about to ask where Sly was and then I saw him as one of the little figures in the center.

Well, at least he’s not completely forgotten.


Oct 27, 2017
Would be cool if we have a thread where we submit your top 10 PlayStation exclusives to celebrate 25th anniversary
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