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Oct 26, 2017
I know it’s super unfair but I’m currently playing Fallen Order right now and can’t help constantly comparing it to GoW. Fallen Order gives me PS first party vibes, but missing something. Game is still good though.


Oct 25, 2017

Shu meeting with From's PR, producer of BB and the production manager of BB. 3 people all were involved heavily in BB. This can only mean one thing.
Bloodborne karting is real.
Oct 29, 2017
I was looking at the PII website, and saw some pictures that i'd never seen before. They're all from the preview event demo, but still new to me at least

This one is really cool as it's the first clear shot of exactly how her tattoo is covering her bite

Just seeing this.

The first Shambler pic is awesomely atmospheric.

I assume this could be Part II's future Photo Mode somewhat.

I know from the preview video, the clicker Dinah shot was on ripped clothes, while on the release date announcement trailer, it was fully (?) naked.

I hope the final game would still on the full naked clickers.

They're hotter & sexier that way.



Oct 25, 2017
mmm Nemesis. I don't care where its revealed as long as they show it soon! Nemesis is my favourite baddy in any game ever, so if we are getting this (and sooner than I expected to be honest) I'll be over the moon. PS4 last year looks pretty amazing right now, as Capcom doesn't announce stuff more than 12 years out these days.


Jun 2, 2019
If there's a State of Play incoming, I wonder what they'll show besides RE3. I think it's a TGA announcement too but who knows.
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