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Resident Evil 3 $179.99 Collectors Edition Announced (Includes Jill Figurine & More) [Gamestop Exclusive in NA]


Oct 28, 2017
Yes, you can. Physical locations get shipped according to their preorder numbers, so you can head to your local GameStop and preorder one. $25 minimum down, tho this seems to vary from place to place (I've seen $5 and $10).
So I ended up preordering it on amazon.co.jp. I always have an overly difficult time finding stuff on there (even with English turned on) but I found it. The trade off is interesting because I'll be getting the censored version of the game (as that seemed to be what they still had available) but with the physical version of the soundtrack. With RE games I frequently find myself owning multiple copies across platforms so I would be okay with getting this collection with a censored version of the game if it came down to it. I may still end up just preordering from GameStop and cancelling the Japanese preorder but we'll see. At the very least, I have a version the CE preordered. lol
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