ResetEra TV Show of the Year 2019 - Results Thread


Pesky Therizinosaurus
Oct 25, 2017
Better late than never >_____>

Top Ten


ThereAre4Lights said:
A tale of terrifying bureaucracy and stupidity, along with a lot of courageous people who tried to keep things from falling apart. It made me alternately jittery and weepy every other ten minutes.
Paquete_PT said:
A masterpiece. No show since Breaking Bad was this consistently good, every single detail was tuned to perfection, every performance was on point. It helps that this was a real event and the fear is real, but the overall package is of insane value. No show this year captivated me as much.
PoeticProse22 said:
Vividly and devastatingly drawn, Chernobyl is riveting even in the minutiae of the story it’s telling. The hopelessness inherent to this story was illustrated remarkably well, benefited further by excellent direction and some very tightly crafted and expertly paced storytelling. One of the most noteworthy elements of this series was its striking cinematography. From the desolation of an abandoned city to the numerous excursions into perilous environments, the setting was consistently accentuated in order to heighten a bleakness that permeated the series to chilling effect. This melancholic dread afforded a heightened potency to the dramatic flourishes strewn throughout. On that note, Hildur Guonadottir’s music was marvelous, as it pulsated with a disquieting thrum that evoked a constantly simmering tension. Jared Harris, once again, delivered an exceptional performance. Similar to his work in The Terror, he conveys so many subtle emotions within the canvas of restraint. Emily Watson, Jessie Buckley, and Stellan Skarsgard were also excellent and affecting within their roles.


hydruxo said:
A very interesting take on Watchmen that really surprised me. Stellar performances from the whole cast but Regina King and Jeremy Irons were the standouts.
Blader said:
Like Twin Peaks and Game of Thrones before it, this was appointment television for me, something I couldn't just wait until the next day to catch up on. A brilliant follow-up to Alan Moore's original graphic novel, perfectly calibrated to telling a story about Watchmen in 2019 and addressing the pervasive evils of racism, white supremacy, and generational trauma in a frank and innovative manner. Some episodes are better than others (the Nostalgia trip through Will Reeves' memories in episode 6 is a clear standout) but the writing, direction, cinematography, production design, and especially performances across the board are outstanding. Both new and old characters are handled so so well, from Regina King's Angela to Tim Blake Nelson's Looking to Jean Smart's Laurie to particularly Jeremy Irons' Veidt. These nine episodes were utterly fascinating to watch, and had my eyes glued to the screen for every moment of the season. Also the music just fucking rocks. My favorite TV show of the year.
dancingphlower said:
Incredible writing and performances. A fantastic follow-up to the graphic novel.

Mr. Robot

NewDayMarch said:
Rami Malek's work this year, on this show, was the best acting I saw in 2019.. The therapy scene (you know it if you saw it) was numbing and heart-wrenching. I came to this show late, so I missed its quick rise of cultural ascendence (and also sudden fall out of the spotlight). I just had to watch the show as a show. Anyone sick of story beats being affected by franchising methodology or merch should watch this as a pallette cleanser-this is very clearly, a vision brought to the screen.
Scottt said:
the entire final season contained peaks in formal innovation, paired with a beautiful conclusion to the story
RastaMentality said:
Outstanding series finale and probably a top 3 final season ever. Between this and Halt and Catch Fire, my tech itch was properly scratched. This year the tech drama delved into its human relationships, most importantly the brother-sister relationship on the show and gave Rami Malik and Carly Chaikin the finest work of their careers. The final three minutes of this show will linger in my head for a very long fucking time. Sam Esmail is now my most anticipated director in TV.


TripOpt55 said:
I have always preferred my comedies dramatic (think Scrubs and Frasier) and my dramas to be able to deliver laughs (like Fringe or The O.C. so often did). It is no surprise to see my list made up largely of shows that can handle both comedy and drama. Barry – the HBO series about the titular hitman trying to escape his old life and start anew as an actor – is one such show. It seems to deliver heavy dramatic beats and laugh-out loud moments in equal measure. And it does so in the economical 30-minute dramedy format – a format that has been growing more popular to my absolute delight! Barry didn't reinvent the wheel in Season 2, but it did seem to fire on all cylinders in a way it never quite did during its freshman outing. It’s hysterical and dark and always prepared to hit you with an unexpected swerve of some kind. And it’s still got Anthony Carrigan's hilarious NoHo Hank. What other show can say that?!
Fitts said:
"ronny/lily" is the single best episode of television to air in 2019. And that episode is just a small piece of one of the best seasons of television over the past year. Every plot beat feeds a ridiculously compelling narrative of laughs, drama, twists, and turns without a single frame wasted. Season one was excellent, but season 2 surpassed it in every way and has cemented Barry as must-watch television.
Joeku said:
Effortlessly genre-crossing and impeccably performed. Stephen Root is the GOAT character actor.


BeeDog said:
I haven't had this much fun watching a show that's full of assholes. Impeccable script, excellent acting, intriguing setup.
Lotus said:
This show is actually the main reason I didn't make this list much earlier (and then ended up procrastinating anyways). After all the buzz I saw for it, I felt that I'd be remiss to not watch it first. And I'm glad as hell that I did, because goddamn this show was fantastic. But what ended up selling me on the show very quickly was the realization that it wasn't some overly stuffy drama (though it is very good at that), but actually a black comedy. I didn't expect this show to make me laugh as much as it did.
Captjohnboyd said:
A masterfully written and acted show. Topical, cynical, biting humour, pathos. I really enjoyed the first season but the second has elevated it to my number one must watch show. They way the writers transition from awful tragedy to gut busting humor is nothing short of amazing but the bigger surprise to me is how much they manage to make you identify and in some cases even feel bad for such reprehensible people. Credit to the actors as well. There's not a single weak link on the show. I'd give a particular shout out to Jeremy Strong who plays damaged goods as well as anyone on TV right now. In a time in which the wealth gap is widening and right wing media is ruining the world it's nice to see some billionaires miserable for an hour a week, even if it's not real

The Mandalorian

Voras said:
This is the Star Wars show I've been waiting for for so long. It so perfectly captures the fun of the best parts of the Star Wars movies. Baby Yoda is great. The comedy is great. I love how the show digs into the lore of the Mandalorians and of the Star Wars galaxy post galactic civil war. Carl Weathers absolutely nails the over enthusiastic bounty hunter guild leader and is a joy to watch. The show also had a great collection of directors from Taika Waititi, to Bryce Dallas Howard, to Deborah Chow who has already been picked to helm the Obi-Wan show.
BDS said:
This show got off to a great start. Mando is cool, baby Yoda is an instant classic, and it has cool Star Wars action on a weekly some dope teases for future seasons.
Voras said:
This is the Star Wars show I've been waiting for for so long. It so perfectly captures the fun of the best parts of the Star Wars movies. Baby Yoda is great. The comedy is great. I love how the show digs into the lore of the Mandalorians and of the Star Wars galaxy post galactic civil war. Carl Weathers absolutely nails the over enthusiastic bounty hunter guild leader and is a joy to watch. The show also had a great collection of directors from Taika Waititi, to Bryce Dallas Howard, to Deborah Chow who has already been picked to helm the Obi-Wan show.

Stranger Things

hydruxo said:
My favorite show of the last five years. It just hits all the right notes for me. I'm more invested in the characters on this show than any other show on tv right now and season 3 was a wonderful and heartbreaking ride. Also loved the introduction of Robin, who is now one of my favorite characters on the show. There's a scene between her and Steve that was just incredibly well written and acted. It felt like something out of a John Hughes movie and I loved it so much.
Rivenblade said:
the mall! The monster! Steve! They haven’t topped season 1, but this was a fun time through and through.
NKnight7 said:
Again, it was another great season for Stranger Things. The shift to a summer setting with traditional summer elements like the public swimming pool to the 4th of July Fair really helped to make this season stand out, as well as the great returning characters and new characters (especially Maya Hawke's Robin.) The storyline was just as entertaining too, having both fun and humorous moments to the more dark and sad moments. This is easily one of Netflix's best properties, and this season just further showed that.

The Boys

SlayerSaint said:
This show came out of nowhere to surprise me, it's a nice take on the superhero genre after the cookie cutter MCU (which I like but it gets stale, y'know?). Antony Starr absolutely kills it as Homelander for my favorite new TV character of the year - by far. Very well acted, some great dark humor, this show has it all, including tons of edginess but it works. Eagerly await season 2.
lucky300 said:
This is absolutely the best superhero themed TV show I have ever seen, and my favorite TV show of the year. It's not really what I expected at all, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Can't wait for season 2!
NKnight7 said:
The Boys was addicting to say the least. When the season premiered I was glued to my screen for every episode and now I'm left waiting for the next season, which will be a hard wait. It was very fun watching this dark comedy and seeing how dark and twisted these superheroes could be. It can be gory, funny, and exhilarating to watch, and is probably one of my surprise hits of the year in terms of television.


TripOpt55 said:
It isn’t often that I enjoy when a piece of fiction breaks the fourth wall and yet every smirk or cocked eyebrow that Fleabag’s titular character shot my way during its first season was enough to send me into hysterics. The fact that Season 2 managed to include a revelation that made that whole concept even more enjoyable is one of the many reasons it sits atop my list of 2019’s best shows. Fleabag’s star and creator, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, makes every precious moment of the series’ short, six-episode sophomore season count. From the opening episode – an awkward family dinner that manages to introduce (or reintroduce) all the season’s primary characters while simultaneously delivering the funniest half-hour of television all year – to the series’ bittersweet, yet fitting final moments; from the will-they-won’t-they between PWB’s character and an unlikely love interest to the awkward evolution of the relationship she has with her sister, I loved every bit of Fleabag’s second season. I wrestled with where to rank most of this list, except for this show. It’s been in the pole position ever since I watched it on its US release in May and none of the admittedly great shows that have aired since has made me rethink its placement one bit. Fleabag was simply my favorite show on television in 2019.
Starphanluke said:
What can I say? It has already skyrocketed into being my favorite show of all time. The wit, the charm, the incredible use of the 4th wall as a measure of growth within the character of Fleabag herself. *Chef's Kiss* Every character is either immensely likeable or loathsome in just the perfect way (looking at you, Godmother), and there isn't an inch of fat in the show.
Static_Void said:
This show was fantastic. I was captivated by Fleabag's second season from beginning to end. What Phoebe Waller-Bridge did really is impressive. There's a kind of honesty to this show that makes the 4th wall breaking aspect really work and interesting. This season was so hilarious and touching. And even though the ending was perfect, it breaks my heart that we will probably never see a third season.


Linus815 said:
Contrary to others, I actually found the 2nd season to be more compelling than the first. I thought that the character arc, story arcs were more clearly defined, and, while it had less of what made the show truly special in the first case (the interviews), the deep dive into the child murders was absolutely fantastic. The finale did an incredible job at communicating how frustrating and desperate the situation must have been at the time.
Disco said:
Fincher and co doing what they do best with the slow burn serial killer investigation. Loved that they weaved in the racial climate and problems that would arise from white cops investigating those particular murders. Holt McAllany has so much charisma just playing an everyman.
Natiko said:
I love this show. The mood, the characters, the dialogue - it's all incredibly engrossing and well done. Truly hope it gets to keep going. Don't hurt my heart Netflix.


Pesky Therizinosaurus
Oct 25, 2017

Russian Doll

DarthOrange said:
I have always enjoyed "stuck in a time loop" media, whether that be a book like "Help! I'm Trapped in the First Day of Summer School, or a video game like The Sexy Brutale, and Russian Doll is no exception. The main character gets some interesting deaths, and the plot actually moves at a solid pace despite constantly reseting the day. It is hard to say more without spoilers but suffice to say that it does a lot with its premise and has some excellent character development.
Blader said:
Sweet birthday baby! Where the hell did this show come from? Natasha Lyonne was my favorite part of Orange is the New Black, so I was glad to see her head up a show of her own and she absolutely kills it here. The Groundhog Day premise is instantly interesting, and the way the time loops layer on top of each other make for a complicated but compelling puzzle to figure out. Thank god for the 30 minute runtime too; it never once feels like it's padding things out to hit an arbitrary 60 minute length like so many other shows today. On the contrary I probably would not have binged through this as quickly as I did if it was any longer. Looking forward to season 2, whenever that is.

The Witcher

Turin said:
Very flawed but very fun cheeseball action show. Surprisingly endearing characters/performances and a song you’ll never get out of your head.
RDreamer said:
A fabulous adaptation of one of my favorite fantasy properties.
YukiCT said:
I had reservations about the show but I think it certainly exceeded them. Great fights, interesting stories and the cast for the most part were great. I think there’s a few segments which weren’t quite as well done and at times do feel a little cheap.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

Spectromixer said:
So incredibly well done. A perfect successor to the original film. So much detail was placed into creating this world for the show. I feel like it has somehow been overlooked. Maybe due to fact that Netflix drops everything at once and has so much other content
Pellaidh said:
In a time where fantasy TV seems to mean "super grimdark edgy stories filled with tons of blood and sex", it's so nice to see something that actually feels fantastical. Plus in terms of the production, this is just a work of pure art, with incredible set designs, masterful practical effects, and great puppetry.
gforguava said:
A fantasy epic that is, true to its spiritual origins, as epic as it is intimate, The Dark Crystal: AOR is the perfect counterpoint to the other fantasy works of the year. It took a well-established original work and did everything in its power to not only do it again and continue it but also to be better than its predecessor, to grow it. It is hard not to look at TDC: AOR and marvel at the fact that Hup, a puppet who doesn't speak a completely understandable language to the audience, is a better understood, better realized, more human character than anyone in the final season of Game of Thrones.

Doom Patrol

LiquidSolid said:
The best way I can describe this series is it's everything I wanted Legion to turn into and so much more. It's character driven, weird as hell, funny as hell, has a brilliant cast of characters who all get their own time and development, has a ton of heart and everything comes together incredibly at the end. Easily the best comic book show I've seen.
Naijaboy said:
Legends was still pretty good, but cast chemistry issues bogged it down. Thankfully for me, there was a show that matched my needs perfectly. The entire season was basically a bunch of misfits going through an acid trip of plot. Yet it was some damn good acid trip. The characters all meshed well with each other (and that includes Cyborg, which I thought was impossible). All will trying to take on by far the best villain of 2019, the seemingly unstoppable maniac Mr. Nobody. Trust me when I say that you won't believe what these dorks went through, all the wacky characters and places they encountered and what sort of craziness they had to pull to succeed. All in all, it made Season 3 of Legends look like a regular stroll. There's just so much to analyze the show that would make you appreciate it even more.
Kuro said:
Surprise of the year as I didn't expect much from DC but my god was this show good and probably my favorite TV comic book adaptation of all time. All the characters are so well fleshed out with some fantastic performances while still staying true to the wackiness of the source material and it is also such a looker of a show.

When They See Us

Soliloquy of a Dogge said:
Heartbreaking, agonizing, frustrating and so many more adjectives could be used to describe this miniseries. Brilliantly cast and sublimely directed by Anna DuVernay. If you haven't seen this miniseries, you're doing yourself a disservice and missing out on some of the greatest television that's ever been produced and a series that dives into the injustices the supposed criminal justice system has thrown and continues to throw at minorities. Harrowing exploration into just how much that fateful night in Central Park became a touchstone moment defining the lack of value placed on black and brown lives. Antron, Kevin, Yusef and Raymond's stories are all impactful and no less important but Korey's will shake you to your very core; what Jharrel Jerome pulled off here is one of the best acting performances of all time.
Dalek said:
There is no better programming on television you’ll see this year. Absolutely harrowing - maddening. There were times I wanted to just turn it off because it made me so enraged that this atrocity was happening to these children. Jharrel Jerome won the Emmy for this - and when you see it you 100% understand why. It’s almost unbelievable how he is able to portray this person as both as a teenager and an adult. My wife didn’t even realize it was the same actor.

The Expanse

Nokagi said:
People need to stop messing around and just watch this. It's such a great show
radosiewka said:
I've watched the new Star Wars movie yesterday and just though that damn it, there are so many things that the Expanse does better and maybe they should learn something from the Amazon TV show. Based on a series of books, it's a hard science fiction at it finest - complex characters, fractions, space and science - it's all there! The first season after Amazon saved it from canceling is as good as earlier ones and is a must-watch for every SF fan.

The Good Place

RogueKiwi said:
The final season was enjoyable, but didn't hit the high notes of the first two seasons.
TManPlays said:
It didn't reach the highs of the first two seasons this year, but it's still good.


Yabberwocky said:
There is so much I could say about Dark, but it's a joy to go into unspoiled. Dark is the only show of 2019 that I binge-watched both seasons of in two days, it felt like a glorious and harrowing fever dream. The two things I will say about Dark:
a) if you were like me, and thought Dark was a knock-off of Stranger Things... it very, very much isn't.
b) Dark has some of the best casting directors in television history. I say this without the slightest bit of hyperbole.
PoeticProse22 said:
Following a surprisingly well-crafted and atmospheric opening season, Dark impressed to an even greater extent with a dramatically rich and endlessly compelling second. Time travel is an exceedingly delicate concept, particularly when utilized in the telling of a mystery. More often than not, the storytelling will collapse into itself becoming little more than convoluted absurdity. Although quite complex in its plotting, nearly all of its narrative intricacy feels organic in its construct, as the allure of cheap twists and nonsensical developments is so rarely indulged. Moreover, most threads of any significance are satisfyingly resolved or, at the very least, built upon. Despite losing some of the oppressive atmosphere that permeated the first season, the second manages to broaden the world without ever seeming stripped of its identity. As such, straying away from the nighttime scenery that dominated the early stages of the story seems a necessary sacrifice rather than an unfortunate one. Dark’s casting is exceptional. So many unique and idiosyncratic characters seemingly retain both their personalities and appearances across a multitude of timelines (which is exceedingly rare), adding considerably to the effectiveness of the series. If the final season manages to conclude reasonably well, this series will stand as one of the best cinematic implementations of time travel.

The Righteous Gemstones

Thewonandonly said:
“Honey it’s just car games get back in the car”. This series is fucking hilarious and yet it had a really crippling story about a child loosing his way. It goes from laughing out loud to extremely dark and work very well. Love all the characters and can’t wait until season 2!
CallMeShaft said:
Were you a fan of Eastbound and Down? How about Vice Principals? If you said yes, you're probably watching this already. If you weren't a fan of those shows, you probably won't like TRG. If you've never heard of those shows, then let me tell you why you should watch these three Danny McBride created and lead shows; it's because they are very strong, smart comedies. In TRG, Danny McBride is a member of a family of televangelists who are willing to screw over anyone and everyone to be rich and powerful. When McBride's Jessie gets blackmailed, his and his family's reputation is put in jeopardy, leading into a very funny first season with some nice twists and turns along the way.


Rhaknar said:
Fantastic showabout a horrible subject matter, with amazing performances by the three main actresses (by all the cast really), a more in depth look at police procedurals than usual, and just a gut wrenching compelling story all around. Easily my favorite show of the year.
Boogs31 said:
An examination of the right and wrong ways police can handle rape cases. It features terrific performances from Toni Collette, Merritt Wever, and Kaitlyn Dever. Detective mysteries aren’t often this engrossing.

FORMAT: Rank, Name, # of votes, # of points

1. Chernobyl - 58 - 445
2. Watchmen - 52 - 383
3. Mr. Robot - 27 - 211
4. Barry - 30 - 202
5. Succcession - 26 - 200
6. The Mandalorian - 37 - 199
7. Stranger Things - 35 - 193
8. The Boys - 35 - 192
9. Fleabag - 26 - 184
10. Mindhunter - 25 - 165

11. Russian Doll - 29 - 145
12. The Witcher - 23 - 133
13. The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance - 21 - 133
14. Doom Patrol - 15 - 115
15. When They See Us - 17 - 109
16. The Expanse - 19 - 99
17. The Good Place - 15 - 86
18. Dark - 14 - 82
19. The Righeous Gemstones - 16 - 77
20. Unbelievable - 12 - 76

21. What We Do in the Shadows - 14 - 74
22. Euphoria - 8 - 58
23. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel - 9 - 54
24. All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite - 7 - 50
25. True Detective - 11 - 48
26. BoJack Horseman - 10 - 48
27. His Dark Materials - 9 - 46
29. Sex Education - 9 - 46
30. The Deuce - 7 - 43

31. Killing Eve - 8 - 38
32. Good Omens - 9 - 36
33. The Umbrella Academy - 8 - 35
34. The Morning Show - 5 - 35
35. Primal - 7 - 34
36. The OA - 6 - 31
37. Star Trek Discovery - 5 - 31
38. I Think You SHould Leave with Tim Robinson - 6 - 30
39. Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - 5 - 29
40. Warrior - 4 - 29

41. Game of Thrones - 8 - 26
42. GLOW - 5 - 26
43. Counterpart - 4 - 26
44. Steven Universe - 4 - 25
45. Castle Rock - 4 - 22
46. Veronica Mars - 4 - 22
47. Perpetual Grace, LTD - 3 - 22
48. Undone - 6 - 21
49. The Crown - 4 - 21
50. For All Mankind - 3 - 21

51. Lodge 49 - 3 - 17
52. Kim's Convenience - 2 - 17
53. Deadwood: The Movie - 2 - 17
54. Veep - 4 - 16
55. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver - 3 - 16
56. Marianne - 3 - 15
57. Lucifer - 3 - 14
58. The Affair - 2 - 14
59. Looking for Alaska - 2 - 14
60. Jett - 4 - 13

61. Peaky Blinders - 3 - 13
62. The Imagineering Story - 3 - 13
63. Top Boy - 2 - 13
64. Too Old to Die Young - 2 - 13
65. Mr Inbeween - 2 - 12
66. You - 3 - 11
67. Brooklyn Nine-Nine - 3 - 11
68. Kingdom - 2 - 11
69. Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj - 2 - 11
70. Saturday Night Live - 3 - 10

71. Rick and Morty - 3 - 10
72. Rilakkuma and Kaoru - 1 - 10
73. Big Mouth - 3 - 9
74. Dear White People - 2 - 9
75. The Naked Director - 1 - 9
76. The Politician - 1 - 9
77. Running Man - 1 - 9
78. One Day at a Time - 1 - 9
79. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - 1 - 9
80. Are You the One? - 1 - 9

81. See - 2 - 8
82. Love, Death & Robots - 2 - 8
83. The Amazing World of Gumball - 2 - 8
84. Big Little Lies - 2 - 8
85. Gentleman Jack - 2 - 8
86. Full Frontal with Samantha Bee - 1 - 8
87. Impulse - 1 - 8
88. Impractical Jokers - 1 - 8
89. The Grand Tour - 1 - 8
90. Our Planet - 1 - 8

91. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - 1 - 8
92. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power - 1 - 8
93. The Society - 1 - 8
94. Pose - 1 - 8
95. Atypical - 1 - 8
96. Carnival Row - 2 - 7
97. The 100 - 2 - 7
98. Terrace House: Tokyo 2019-2020 - 1 - 7
99. Life in Pieces - 1 - 7
100. Schitt's Creek - 1 - 7

101. Godfather of Harlem - 1 - 7
102. Living with Yourself - 1 - 7
103. Daybreak - 1 - 7
104. High School Musical: The Musical: The Series - 1 - 7
105. Gotham - 2 - 6
106. Superstore - 2 - 6
107. Ramy - 2 - 6
108. Apocalypse - War of Worlds 1945-1991 - 1 - 6
109. The Daily Show with Trevor Noah - 1 - 6
110. Deadly Class - 1 - 6

111. Black Spot - 1 - 6
112. Fosse/Verdon - 1 - 6
113. Supernatural - 1 - 6
114. The Toys That Made Us - 1 - 6
115. Documentary Now! - 1 - 6
116. High Maintenance - 1 - 6
117. Hyperdrive - 1 - 6
118. Line of Duty - 1 - 6
119. American Gods - 1 - 6
120. Derry Girls - 1 - 6

121. Los Espookys - 1 - 6
122. Preacher - 2 - 5
123. Santa Clarita Diet - 2 - 5
124. Servant - 2 - 5
125. DC's Legends of Tomorrow - 2 - 5
126. Silicon Valley - 2 - 5
127. Vernon Subutex - 1 - 5
128. The Detour - 1 - 5
129. In the Dark - 1 - 5
130. Poldark - 1 - 5

131. The Magicians - 1 - 5
132. Seis Manos - 1 - 5
133. The Movies That Made Us - 1 - 5
134. Our Planet - 1 - 5
135. State of the Union - 1 - 5
136. The Good Fight - 1 - 5
137. Legacies - 1 - 5
138. The Other Two - 2 - 4
139. Mouche - 1 - 4
140. The Handmaid's Tale - 1 - 4

141. Jane the Virgin - 1 - 4
142. Fresh Off the Boat - 1 - 4
143. The End of the F***ing World - 1 - 4
144. Stumptown - 1 - 4
145. Good Trouble - 1 - 4
146. Tuca & Bertie - 1 - 4
147. Bob's Burgers - 2 - 3
148. PEN15 - 2 - 3
149. Hanna - 1 - 3
150. Evil - 1 - 3

151. After Life - 1 - 3
152. Black Lightning - 1 - 3
153. The Twilight Zone - 1 - 3
154. Supergirl - 1 - 3
155. The Punisher - 1 - 3
156. Grey's Anatomy - 1 - 3
157. Billions - 2 - 2
158. This Time with Alan Partridge - 2 - 2
159. Animal Kingdom - 1 - 2
160. The Tick - 1 - 2

161. Trapped - 1 - 2
162. Cobra Kai - 1 - 2
163. The Passage - 1 - 2
164. Infinity Train - 1 - 2
165. Our Boys - 1 - 2
166. Insatiable - 1 - 1
167. The Loudest Voice - 1 - 1
168. Cloak and Dagger - 1 - 1
169. On My Block - 1 - 1
170. Reprisal - 1 - 1

171. Suburra: Blood on Rome - 1 - 1
172. Years and Years - 1 - 1
173. Designated Survivor - 1 - 1
174. Creepshow - 1 - 1
175. Miracle Workers - 1 - 1
176. Joe Pera Talks with You - 1 - 1


Here's a link to the voting thread so you can read the full extent of everyone's comments!

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Fails of the Year 2019 New


Pesky Therizinosaurus
Oct 25, 2017
Top Five Fails

Game of Thrones

Captjohnboyd said:
How could it be anything else. Even when it was straining against dumb writing I loved the later seasons. In fact, as a book reader, I'm probably in the minority with just how much I enjoyed season 7. The final season started out strong, with the exception of the awful lighting and blocking in the winterfell battle, but alas it wasn't a sign of things to come. Perhaps you can blame some of this on GRRM, it is likely his end game after all, but the method by which D&D took us there ruined any Goodwill they'd built up. Characters acted against their established personalities, plot holes were glaring, whole side stories quickly lobbed off at the elbow. Just a total mess of a final season and a textbook example on how to piss off your fans.
Static_Void said:
Immediately after watching the final season of GoT, I wasn't as outraged as most people. I really liked Arya, and the Daenerys arc didn't bother me that much. But it was after a first rewatch of the early seasons a few weeks later that it jumped at me: the scenarios for this last season were utterly and unforgivably lazy on so many levels. And it was immediately apparent when making quick comparisons with the genius of what the writing was before. It's especially maddening when putting this show in context: Game of Thrones was a full-blown cultural phenomenon, it was what everybody talked about for a good 8 years. While the show might have reached a point where it would have been impossible to satisfy everybody, the last season should have at least been respectful to the phenomenon it built. Especially when everybody else involved in this project, like all the different crew and actors, are shown putting in so much love, blood, and sweat. In this context, that level of lazy writing is just unforgivable. And the saddest part? While everybody was passionately talking about GoT for so many years, a few weeks after the last episode aired nobody was talking about it anymore. What a waste.
Morrigan said:
I don't think I even need to elaborate. Everything about it is just a spectacular failure. But, in the spirit of the rules, I can mention the completely nonsensical and unearned plot twists, the multiple character assassinations, the insulting plot holes, the ridiculous way to terminate the white walker menace, the grotesque incompetence behind the writing and production... it just never stops. The only good thing about it was the scene where Brienne gets knighted by Jaime which was genuinely touching, and, shockingly and against all expectations, Emilia Clarke actually acting her ass off despite being handed her worst material.
BDS said:
I mean, was there any doubt? Never have I seen a TV show with such high quality implode so spectacularly. An absolutely radioactive dumpster fire of writing and direction whose actors, set and costume designers, and composers deserved better. Rest in peace my queen. BEST SEASON EVAAAH!


Peek-a-boo! said:
the third and final season was a bloody awful mess. It becoming increasingly clear to me that the first season was a one-hit wonder and, unfortunately, both the second and third season proves it to be true...
Action Burger said:
Season 2 and 3 are a mess. A few key episodes are really good but for the most part the show felt like it was trying desperately to capture the magic of season 1.
Lotus said:
Terrible just like S2, all style, hardly any substance.

More Streaming Services

Dalek said:
It's getting ridiculous, Hollywood. I'm not going to be subscribing to a streaming service for every channel out there. Get real.
Captjohnboyd said:
Amazon, Disney plus, (the new)Hulu and HBO all look set to offer very compelling shows and stiff competition to Netflix in the coming years. I'm personally excited for their future but the landscape as a whole is going to be cluttered as hell with far too many options. Quibi, anyone? Anyone? I'm confident the Streaming platforms will consolidate again but it's going to be several years of fractured viewing and bad options for the consumer
Rhaknar said:
The streaming wars are getting ridiculous, Netflix, HBO, Disney +, Amazon Prime, Hulu, how many fucking streaming services are we going to have?

Fear the Walking Dead

ThereAre4Lights said:
Never have I seen a show so eviscerated from its original quality. First you kill off your lead cast member, then you neuter everyone who was ever interesting and turn it into a Morgan Cult. These showrunners need to work on sitcoms or anything else. Just kill the show already.
Natiko said:
This show's latest season was one of the worst I've ever seen. Truly a dumpster fire. The only reason this doesn't win is because it didn't have the expectations and hype that GOT had.


Violence Jack said:
They're losing more viewers than ever, plus kept their deal for Saudi shows after the murder of the journalist, stranded their "non-essential" wrestlers making them basically hostages, and their shows are unwatchable now.
Naijaboy said:
Initially, I thought that the problem with the series was sorely in the hands of Raw. It appears I have been too soft on this franchise, so I'll have to be more harsh on you by ostracizing this entire business. Horrible PPVs, terrible feuds and arcs, characters that can't get over because the fans no longer give a shit and the few things that you did manage to do well gets buried because you wouldn't know a hit if it smacked you in the face. Your Hell in a Cell was the worst PPV I've ever seen and I've been following you since 2000 (how the hell do you do a no contest in a Hell in a Cell match). Then you had to outdo yourselves by doing a cuckolding angle with the resident black guy at the expense of lovable heel Rusev. And all of this is compounded by your continued lack of regard to your own 'superstars'. Just look to that incident in Saudi Arabia where you left a good number of your roster to dry for unpaid money. Oh and continuing to host events there despite what's happening there is disgraceful. I really hope AEW sets you straight in this new year if not put you out of business. You deserve it.

FORMAT: Rank, Name, # of votes, # of points

1. Game of Thrones - 29 - 83
2. Legion - 4 - 10
3. More Streaming Services - 4 - 8
4. Fear the Walking Dead - 3 - 7
5. WWE - 3 - 7
6. Stranger Things - 2 - 7
7. Cancelling the OA - 3 - 6
8. Cancelling Swamp Thing - 1 - 3
9. Too Old to Die Youbg - 1 - 3
10. Mrs. Fletcher - 1 - 3

11. TV Audiences - 1 - 3
12. Fleabag - 1 - 3
13. Netflix rasing prices in NZ - 1 - 3
14. The Mandalorian - 1 - 3
15. Marvel Television - 1 - 3
16. The CW's Lineup - 1 - 3
17. Rick and Morty - 1 - 2
18. The Punisher - 1 - 2
19. Netflix Marvel canellations - 1 - 2
20. Cancelling Lodge 49 - 1 - 2

21. Yellowstone - 1 - 2
22. Big Little Lies - 1 - 2
23. The Walking Dead - 1 - 2
24. The Man in the High Castle - 1 - 2
25. No Xbox App on Apple TV+ - 1 - 2
26. The Terror - 1 - 2
27. See - 1 - 2
28. Star Wars Resistance - 1 - 2
29. Apple TV+ - 1 - 2
30. Luther - 1 - 2

31. The Neighborhood - 1 - 1
32. Better Things - 1 - 1
33. Jessica Jones - 1 - 1
34. Euphoria - 1 - 1
35. Love, Death + Robots - 1 - 1
36. The Witcher - 1 - 1
37. Survivor 39 - 1 - 1
38. Truth Be Told - 1 - 1
39. Cancelling Santa Clarita Diet - 1 - 1
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Oct 28, 2017
Chernobyl is such a fine choice. A harrowing show that illustrates the failure of public leadership in a time of crisis. Can only imagine what the dramatized depiction of coronavirus is going to look like televised in 30 years.


Oct 25, 2017
I admire your hard work in compiling the results and commentary so comprehensively.

Everyone watch Perpetual Grace, LTD! Special boys!


The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
Oh finally, some respite! Feels like forever since I put in my votes after all that's happened.

I almost feel bad for Fear TWD, kicking it while it's down. Mmm, maybe not. I'll probably watch The Mandalorian sometime this summer.


Oct 25, 2017
The Mandalorian above Fleabag only means more people watched it and missed out on the transcendental greatness of Fleabag, I hope.

I still haven't finished watching the final season of Mr Robot but I'm glad they nailed the ending.
Nov 2, 2017
I got a lot of HBO to catch up on it seems. One fail that I've experienced recently is finding out the DC universe app is not on PS4. I heard there was some good shows on there, but I don't want to buy a separate device for one service.


We need to talk about Edelgard...
Oct 25, 2017
The Research Triangle
Good stuff! I’m in full agreement with both Chernobyl and Stranger Things S3. To a lesser extent, The Mandalorian as well; I have some issues with it but if it can improve upon its baseline it might just become the Star Wars show that I was looking for.

I don’t want to agree with Game of Thrones’ ranking. I mostly loved the final season... until the fourth episode. And then... it all fell apart.


Oct 25, 2017
so Legion fell off hard, huh?

is it worth going back to watch the first season on its own, or should I just not bother?


The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
I got quoted, neat. Though I could've done a much better job with that piece.

The fact that Barry isn't #1 is a travesty. And the fact that Shield is only 39th makes me disappointed in all of you; sure it was not a great season, but that's besides the point.

Also, shoutout to RatskyWatsky for all this, year after year. Sure it wasn't easy or quick.


Pesky Therizinosaurus
Oct 25, 2017
Any way we could get the original voting page linked to this? Or is that too much clutter?

I also put a link in the OT~


Oct 26, 2017
that top 20 is super solid.

ty for the fun RatskyWatsky and doubly so for the 52 seasons thread this year, more tv fun to be had in this shitshow of a year we're having.

how close was Russian Doll to the top 10?


Oct 30, 2017
Superb job RatskyWatsky, and thank you for your continued contribution to the world of TV every single month here on ResetEra — you are practically my TV guide these days!

I personally didn’t like Succession as much as others, and I felt that the first season was more compelling, but hey-ho, opinions and all that.

A little bit disheartened to see Deadwood: The Movie so low ... 🙁

Blimey, looks like I am going to have to watch Mr. Robot one day!

So, how many seasons are there, and where can one stumble upon this TV series?

How close was Russian Doll to the top 10?
I believe it was 21 points away from the top ten, which is a fair gap.


Oct 25, 2017
so Legion fell off hard, huh?

is it worth going back to watch the first season on its own, or should I just not bother?
I think the whole show is worth it and season 2 is much better than 1. And though the final season is a letdown, at the very least I would recommend watching the first episode of season 3, I think it is easily one of the best episodes the show ever did.

Pretty good list, usually I'm scratching my head at some of the choices but here I at least get it, even if I didn't particularly like a certain show or two.


Oct 25, 2017
Orlando, FL
Good list. I have a few shows to catch up on. No Kidding on this list makes me sad, although I think it's season 2 that has put it in my favorite shows. Maybe this year if people watch it.


Oct 25, 2017
Thanks for the amazing work, RatskyWatsky!

That's an excellent top twenty, even if there are several series I wish could have received more recognition (The Deuce and The Morning Show in particular). It was a fantastic year for television.

Violence Jack

Oct 25, 2017
Dang, AEW just missed out on making the top 20. But still impressive that it made the top 25 on here. Glad to see people continuing to call out WWE for their garbage product (not counting NXT), and insulting business practices.

Too many of you guys and gals are sleeping on Cobra Kai. It's a fun show that has no business being as good as it is.

I didn't even know Fear TWD was still on TV.


Oct 25, 2017
I'm the only one that voted for Impulse lol. Being a Youtube show probably killed its chances. Really wish it was on another streaming service. I don't know anyone else that uses Youtube TV or whatever the fuck its called.


Oct 25, 2017
I'm the only one that voted for Impulse lol. Being a Youtube show probably killed its chances. Really wish it was on another streaming service. I don't know anyone else that uses Youtube TV or whatever the fuck its called.
Competition was too tough for me to vote for it, also I'm real sad it got cancelled


Oct 17, 2018
The Good Place will be missed.

Chernobyl and the Boys were also excellent. Now that I'm in quarantine I might watch Mandalorian too.
Oct 28, 2017
Season 3 of Stranger Things was terrible.

I had to look up if these were the same writers (not that the first two seasons were elite or anything, but still) or some wannabe comedian who just finished screenwriting school. Hopper and Joyce were particularly unbearable and cringy.

2 > 1 > 3 by the way


The Fallen
Mar 13, 2018
Damn, I even forgot to mention that the first black WWE Champion got squashed within 30 seconds by Brock Lesner to appease the new Fox viewers. Man was that year awful for them (and by the looks of it still is). Wrestlecrap did a worst of 2019 poll and those two events were neck and next for the worst.

Season 3 of Legion was nowhere near as good as season 1, but I wouldn't really call it the worst. No other complains about that top 5. God damn did GOT dominate.

Yeah, I expected a lot of my picks would get no other votes. What's also crazy was that there were a lot of high quality finales such as You're the Worst and Broad City that got no mentions at all. Then again, a lot was going on that year.

Oh and RatskyWatsky I didn't see my pick of The Neighborhood. Otherwise, thanks for the work as always.
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Mar 21, 2019
Chernobyl, Watchmen, Mr. Robot. Such an amazing year for TV and more than made up for how much of a disappointment GoT S8 was.