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NYT: With Medical Bills Skyrocketing, More Hospitals Are Suing for Payment


Oct 25, 2017
You can cure the insurance problem all you want but that won’t stop hospitals and doctors from price-gauging people. It’s literally the only reason I have fear that MFA isn’t sustainable. They’re just going to try to gauge the government rather than us and insurers. I haven’t really heard solutions to this problem with all the health care talk.
Medicare already exists and already sets reimbursement rates.


Oct 26, 2017
And you expect that to work the same way in America?
Uh, of course. Why would you think otherwise? The government already does this with Medicare reimbursement rates.

If this particular thing is your concern about a single-payer system being unsustainable I imagine you must be even more concerned about the way things currently work.


May 10, 2018
Uh, of course. Why would you think otherwise? The government already does this with Medicare reimbursement rates.

If this particular thing is your concern about a single-payer system being unsustainable I imagine you must be even more concerned about the way things currently work.
Oh infinitely more concerned. And I am in favor of a MFA system in place of what we have now. Guess I just needed a little more education on the topic.


Oct 27, 2017
Bankruptcy or I will go to Jail. I will not be taking home $2-3 checks. I rather they just put me in jail and I eat free with my own room.


Mar 30, 2018
Heh, I went to my regular doctor for a preventative check up. He gave me a sample of some medication to help with my pre-diabetic condition, and I had some pretty bad side effects from it that sent me to the hospital. I have "good" insurance from my job, and I still had to pay thousands out of pocket(I pay 15% of the bills after insurance), and dip into my 401k to cover it. My girlfriend got mad at me and basically forced me to go the hospital after several days of pain and days missed at work. After all the bills came in, I'm just like "now you see why I didn't want to go".

Getting sick shouldn't be taking such a heavy mental toll, too. It's messed up.


Oct 27, 2017
I have what's considered decent health insurance from my job, so even that doesn't pay nearly all the bills, were I to get sick. Going to the doctor is still quite expensive in many cases. I don't understand at all how other people in my situation wouldn't rather have the demonstrably better systems that exist in other countries.

As for the rich, well, they seem to see unfairness everywhere. A few years back, our insurance plans changed, and we all had to go to meetings to hear the new details. When pricing was explained to be tiered (3 tiers), a mid-level executive in our meeting asked "you mean to tell me that just because I make more money, I'll be paying more for the same coverage?". To which the instructor replied "I'm sure anyone in this room would be happy to exchange their salary and price with yours". That got a few laughs and a fair bit of murmuring as well.

Seeing that the room was not with him, the executive shut up. But you could just tell he was fuming over paying what I recall to be about $40 more, monthly, for him than the lowest-paid employees would be paying.
Ive seen ACA market year-to-year premiums go higher.


Oct 28, 2017
Arkansas, USA
I have good insurance but I still hoard the medication I need to stay alive just in case I ever lose my coverage. If things don't change I expect I will do the same thing my grandfather did when he got old and sick, buy a handgun and end my life. I won't my deplorable fellow countrymen rob my family of what I worked my entire life to build.

America! Fuck yea!
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Jun 17, 2018

I hate living in such a fucked world. I have a residency available to the UK but it unfortunately seems like a bad idea for me to actually do that, either.


Oct 30, 2017
This is why we need Medicare for all
Sadly people want a public option while Private Insurance still have a role.

Both Biden and Pete take money from Pharma and private insurance pushing for the public option

And Pelosi pushing for a single payers system in the 90s now thinks M4A is a bad idea.

Its obvious that it's all about money to them and you have MSM pushing the agenda that M4A is bad and people are currently happy with their insurance.
Jul 27, 2019
1. Don't get sick, but if you do
2. Don't be poor

I've got decent income with decent insurance but even then my wife and baby's health over the last few years has cost us tens of thousands of dollars. We could've taken that and put a down payment on a house. Nope.


Oct 25, 2017
I feel the opposition to Single-Payer on the left is the same opposition that exists against school integration via bussing.

"I worked hard to live in this neighborhood." "I worked hard and studied to receive superior healthcare than my neighbor."

People are dying because moderate democrats refuse to be on the same coverage as poor people. Full stop.

It's not just a matter of Republicans blocking progress. Single-Payer is worse than the current system for rich liberals.


Oct 27, 2017
This is terrible, but keep in mind universal health care itself has to be paid for - we definitely need it - but I worry people think that medical bills will magically disappear, of course they won’t. When you go to a hospital now you are paying your bill plus A part of the bills of all the people who never pay anything. It won’t be any different under universal health care except you will pay out of your paycheck.
Australia's public healthcare is funded by a 2% levy, if you earn over $90k a year it progressively increases to 3.5% unless you have private insurance*. You don't even notice it, the sort of service you're hand wringing over costs me $30/week.