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I envy people with straight hair

Papa Satanás

Oct 25, 2017
My hair will curl naturally if I let it (~3A), but I did find my shampoo and conditioner choices helped a lot with poof and frizz n stuff.


Nov 17, 2019
You also need to be very careful when choosing shampoo. Get something with as little chemicals as possible. Look at the ingredients. Anything you have trouble pronouncing is a no go for wavy hair.

Croc Man

Oct 27, 2017
You can also do this at night, before bed, and have her sleep on a satin pillowcase, which will reduce friction and allow the hair to dry overnight and require only minimal styling and maybe some wetting with a spray bottle the next morning.

Also, use a wide-toothed comb, specifically, for combing and straightening the wet hair. Don't use a brush.
And to follow on if you can't wait to air dry then pat or wrap with a microfiber towel or old t-shirt and/or use a diffuser on a hair dryer. Don't rub dry with a regular towel.

Props for taking the time to learn btw, wish my parents did.
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Oct 27, 2017
Use a broad hair comb made out of wood.

How do you dry your hair after showering? Try to wrap your whole hair in a towel. Comb it into your desired style after showering and wrap it up. Try to do it for 3-5 hours (overnight for best results) and your hair will be frizz free for a few days. Getting it wet will destroy the effect though so try to stay out of rain and avoid sweaty workouts. I know it sounds weird but this totally eliminates frizz, your hair will look much better.

I heard a satin cloth works better than a towel but I never tried it.
Wrap my hair immediately after a shower with a regular towel. I rarely comb it unfortunately. I do have a leave in conditioner I like that helps but only for like half the day. I do shower in the morning almost exclusively but I've been thinking of changing it up.

Here's my hair for reference though this pic is from over a year ago and I've recently trimmed it


Oct 25, 2017
And to follow on if you can't wait to air dry then pat or wrap with a microfiber towel or old t-shirt and/or use a diffuser on a hair dryer. Don't rub dry with a regular towel.

Props for taking the time to learn btw, wish my parents did.
We use one of those Turbie Twist things since she can usually manage that herself and a diffuser when it's too cold out to air dry. Honestly the main reason I'm looking for info is so she isn't in pain when we try to comb her hair. My wife had similar hair at her age and her folks cut it short to get over it. My kid made it pretty clear she wanted long hair so we're trying to get it across that long hair = more care needed. Doing things right should hopefully be a good teaching moment for all of us.


Feb 24, 2018
I have long wavy/lightly curled hair and I hate it. It's an absolute nightmare to maintain. Every fucking thing makes it into a disaster. Static makes it friz up. Humidity makes it friz up. Heat damages it. Cold dries it out. Everything dries it out. Sleeping tangles it up, even with a satin pillowcase. The bangs are impossible to figure out. The ends are always tangling and splitting.

It takes hours of work to get it looking nice, four or five different products just to get it looking half-decent, and then within twelve hours it becomes a frizzy tangled stringy dried-out bird's nest again. I'm sick of it. I'm this close to straightening it and being done with it, but people always say I'm so lucky to have natural curls and waves and I feel like I'd be throwing that away.

Anyway, if anybody has similar issues let me know how you've handled it or what products and methods you tried. And yes, I know about the Curly Girl Method, that's the only thing that keeps my hair looking "okay" for up to 24 hours instead of like a complete disaster.
I could have written this. I have a super-full scalp of insanely curly, unruly, high-maintenance hair and it f*cking sucks. Although I straighten after a wash most times cuz reasons you cited.

Here are two products I added to my ritual every time I shampoo/condition. Has made a huge difference for my hair:

The deep conditioner is the most moisture-saturating I've ever found without weighing down your hair, and I use it weekly. I leave it in for about 45-60 minutes prior to rinsing, really slakes those thirsty curls.

I can't emphasize enough to get this stuff and use it regularly. No hype, it's the closest thing to a miracle product for hair I've ever discovered. I saturate my hair really good with the #1 formula, let it soak in for a good 5-10 mins, then immediately saturate with the #2. Rinse after 10-20 mins, then shampoo/condition as normal. (I also use the #2 in-between bimonthly treatments to maintain the bonds.) Keeps my locks healthy, super-soft, lush, and strong. (Definitely a must if you treat your hair with heat, like I do!)

Yes, it's $$$, but saves you $$$$$$ in the long run from having to invest in various other "rescue" treatments. (Although be certain to either purchase it online directly from Olaplex, or from your stylist, as their are a lot of counterfeits out there--especially on eBay and such!)

Still, I'd kill for nice, lovely, low-maintenance hair any day. Sigh