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Where will Dreams end up?

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Oct 27, 2017
Great video, found it hilarious, especially the jeep level and skiddy controls. I actually really enjoyed that game and how slippery it was. Like you said, it feels like you're constantly on ice or drifting lol. Had a laugh trying it with family.
Ya I dug it as well. it was stupid and should not have been as fun as it was. But it was just sort of nice minigame enjoyment
Jul 28, 2019
It's bad that I want to know more about this? lol

Have fun (post 128 if the link doesn't work)


Oct 27, 2017
Mexicali, Mexico

Have fun (post 128 if the link doesn't work)

What the fuck
Oct 29, 2017
Commenting now alongside the first negative review of the thread seems to be inviting the behaviour that you’re trying to avoid, but okay. Don’t get me wrong, of course everyone is entitled to their opinions, but this one is curious.
Sounds like 'confirmation bias' to me.

Of all the 10s, 9s, and above 8s, hey I only agree with this one 6 / 10 score.

FF Seraphim

Oct 26, 2017

Have fun (post 128 if the link doesn't work)
Holy shit. Wow.
Anyway Dreams is awesome.


Oct 25, 2017

Have fun (post 128 if the link doesn't work)
Is that game’s Critic reviews considered under rated by most people? I thought about buying it when it released

edit: nm I thought the metacritic score was 70 for some reason, maybe it was back when it only had 5 reviews
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Oct 27, 2017
I have played Dreams since early access and while I think the creator tools are awesome, I have not found a reason to stick around past the novelty factor (I don’t have any interest in creating). It’s okay that I have a differing opinion and posted a review that voiced my opinion. I don’t post much in Dreams threads because I know I’ll get mobbed for having a differing opinion.

From the review: this is literally the only part of the review that describes creations in Dreams that aren't recognised-ip.

I try some more “made in Dreams” games, ones that aren’t directly inspired by an already existing property. There’s a stripped back prototype of a shooter made using one of Media Molecule’s templates, a lovely art piece showing a pair of bunnies in the snow, a sort of interactive WinAmp visualizer with its own music… They’re all interesting for a few minutes. It’s while playing a pretty 3D platformer that my problem hits me. I open a chest that cheerfully proclaims “1/37 gold found!” I immediately realize I have no interest in finding the rest.
You think that's a fair assessment of what's available in Dreams?

As soon as you go to the "Dream Surfing" page, there's a banner for the Impy Awards (arguably the "best" of what's been made in Early Access), there's a section of "pick up and play" dreams, a section of smaller creations by the Mm team and obviously searching by "thumbs up" would give you higher ranked dreams. I would say it was deliberate to avoid all the above and choose those four examples as the variety of what's available.