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DLC and Pokemon: I'm in my most excited yet also most critical mood ever for the series

Rand a. Thor

Oct 31, 2017
Now that we have a season pass on the horizon, a lot of thoughts have crossed my mind about it. Not just for the content that they may offer, but for the future of the series. So after letting it stew these last few days, I have come to a sort of conclusion that this is easily the most important time for the series.
After an average and very divisive release with Sword and Shield, Gamefreak has opened a proverbial Pandora's Box if you will, and it can't be shut. For the most part I'm positive about the DLC, mainly because this smells of Nintendo through and through. The majority of 1st party releases have had dlc the last few years, and I was expecting nonetheless for Pokemon too. And despite a few early roadbumps, paid DLC for Nintendo games so far have beem superb offerings, ranging from almost full on prequel games(Torna) to smaller experiencing enriching blasts of ideas(Breath of the Wild).
However beyond that initial excitement, I can't and won't develop a full opinion on Pokemon being coupled with DLC for a few years, if not in half a decade if I'm still in the loop by then. The reason for this is because of 3 things mainly:
1. Monetization abuse. Will they release remakes missing content that was in the original release or 3rd version that will be sold off for DLC later on?
2. Will the DLC be complementary to the base versions which will have the advantage of more development time or will they continue to release a base product that has glaring omissions and flaws, excusing them with dlc additions that should have been there in the first place.
3. Will the DLC be used in such a way to alleviate the main dev team of having to pump out annual games or will they be a further decay of the series with a non stop flurry of games and DLC.

Right now we have no way to know what they are thinking, but as a consumer it does have to be asked just how they will use or abuse dlc for the series. Hypothetically for me the ideal will be answering all 3 questions in a positive light. What that means is when the time comes they release the remakes having additional content that was originally not there to expand on previous regions as DLC, having a base game that stands alone as a product that can be expanded on in a meaningful way, while having a 4 to 5 year generation with 2 main releases that get expanded on in the off years to allow for a longer, quality dev cycle for the next games. If they can pull that off I would have no qualms with the concept of DLC, but anything less then that and I would be pretty upset. How about you guys?


Oct 27, 2017
I dearly hope the expansions are excellent and we remember Generation 8 fondly in retrospect. We’ll see how it goes.


Oct 27, 2017
I dunno if I should expect much from the story/plot areas of it, considering the main game. And even the world design is suspect. But if the new pokemon are good, that's what I'll be happy with.

Number one thing people asked was they took a break this year, and this is sorta a break?

Heck, future expansion idea, just a small self contained rejoin with 50 unique pokemon to it, have it's own unique storyline (No Gyms, let's try out a different structure) and sell it for $20, see how it does.

At the moment I'm at a wait and see stage, because Sword and Shields main campaign was underwhelming. Here's the chance to do something smaller and maybe a bit more polished as well. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

I'll be playing when it comes out at launch just to spam wonder trade to get all the old pokemon anyway


Nov 8, 2017
I actually love the idea of DLC for Pokemon. This isn't a series that has been historically generous to consumers in terms of what they're getting for the price, and DLC means meaningful content added onto a base game instead of a new game being released which adds and then baffalingly removes features. The problem is that the DLC is for Sword and Shield, which easily my least favorite "base" Pokemon game yet (even removing the National Dex stuff, I dislike Galar as a region and don't really like how the game looks visually).

lvl 99 Pixel

Oct 25, 2017
Its good that they're embracing the ability to significantly patch games and DLC is a good change from buying another whole game and starting over from scratch.


Oct 27, 2017
Are Masuda or Ohmori involved in any way on this dlc?
Because if the dlc turns out to be better than the actual game, we should all support the idea of the new guy taking over in gen 9.
Yeah, third versions are usually by low profile directors looking to make a mark. It makes sense that they would be amazing, because it’s a make or break opportunity in their careers.

Ohmori was in that position, and he’s now pretty much Masuda’s successor.


Feb 7, 2019
I love the idea for DLC. Continuing the adventure with my team and my character is much more appealing to me than starting over to get to the new stuff.


Community Resettler
Oct 25, 2017
Houston, TX
Sword/Shield very much felt like Game Freak were rushed to meet their November 2019 deadline, more so with stuff like how many corners they cut with the story & how less unique the gym challenges got later in the game (that plus the lack of post game). I'm glad that they're going the DLC route instead of third versions, as now people don't have to buy yet another $60 game (take notes, Atlus). But some aspects of the DLC kinda rub me the wrong way given the aforementioned rushed state of the game (& no, I don't mean the National Dex, that's the least of the game's issues). What I'm really hoping for is that the move to DLC instead of third versions will eventually help Game Freak get the time that they need to work on stuff like Crazy Diamond & Jammin' Pearl as well as whatever they have planned for Gen 9. Game Freak is capable of great things when they get the time needed to get things right, the DS games (D/P aside) are proof of this. I just want to see them flourish & not be rushed to meet deadlines at the cost of the game's overall quality & polish.

In short, I hope this move to DLC helps inch Game Freak/The Pokémon Company/Nintendo away from annualizing Pokémon.


Oct 27, 2017
SwSh was such a hollow and underwhelming game that I'm finding it difficult to get excited about paying $30 to experience more of it. I do like some of what I've heard, but that's really it. They didn't show much of anything beyond concept art. And GF's output in recent years has left a lot to be desired.

I suppose I'm cautiously optimistic, but I'm far more cautious than optimistic.


Oct 27, 2017
I find the DLC the best way to modernize the formula of updates. I never ever bought 2 times a Pk game because of updates, and this time I will actually buy the DLC!
Also the price seems fair.