Democratic Presidential Primaries & Caucuses |March OT| Last Tuesday was 1000 years ago, old news no one cares about (Discussion Guidelines in OP)


The Fallen
Oct 5, 2018
Yeah I don't know if I can physically vote for someone who has raped. But I'm in Florida so my vote is pretty important....... hooo this is tough


Oct 29, 2017
What would you call it? It's a non-profit that functions almost exactly the same. Can raise unlimited sums and doesn't have to disclose its donors. If you're going to be against dark money in politics, don't ignore the issue when Bernie Sanders benefits from them.
Here was a really cool Our Revolution meeting in Nashville, where the first Nigerian woman elected in the state's history spoke about her support for Bernie:

Skip to about 1:25:00 if you'd like to hear her speak. There are other amazing speakers here too, and I promise you, they would think you were joking if you considered them to be part of a "shadow PAC".


Oct 27, 2017
Lima, Peru
yeah, voting for a rapist is like, the toughest electoral pill to swallow ive heard of.

Its saying "this? this man that has been accused of doing horrific things? the same horrific that would make me incredibly pissed if it happened to someone i know and care about? yeah, you deserve my vote"


Oct 25, 2017
Probably one of the lowest blows of the entire primary, especially coming from an apparent ally.
Read this again, and recall in 2016 when Bernie Sanders was blasting activist groups like Planned Parenthood and civil rights groups (some in his own state!) because they weren't specifically endorsing him. Imagine how those groups felt!

Our Revolution only had 6 donations over 5k
Cool, now let us know who they were! Shouldn't be a problem.

Is there any good explanation for, if Biden ends up dropping for whatever reason and Bernie is still in the race, why nominating someone other than Bernie makes sense? Even taking the "somebody who can't win more than 30% of the electorate" charge at face value, anyone else being nominated as a replacement would have significantly less or even 0.0% if it gets really wacky and someone like Cuomo gets propped up. The idea that since Joe Biden is a "moderate", he should be replaced by someone less odious that occupies a similar ideological lane. However, this primary has made it clear that not many are voting along ideological lines so this really only makes sense if you're an online politics nerd or have some other form of pundit brain. A plurality of voters circled the bubble for Vice President Joe Biden, not some vague concept of "a moderate", because they like him, trust him, like his policies, consider him a safe bet, or a multitude of other reasons. None of those traits are going to be magically projected onto another candidate, especially one that wasn't in the race to begin with.
I think people should be deeply uncomfortable with a general election between two candidates that were/are loathed by broad demographic groups. Bernie Sanders did not earn their votes. It would also be pretty rich to go from 2016 Bernie's "the party is trying to coronate Hillary" to 2020 Bernie's "the party should just cancel the primary and make me the nominee."

What the actual proposal should be is for Biden to drop out, Dems make all 50 primaries vote-by-mail, and we run it again over a month (12-13 states every Tuesday for 4 weeks). But then Sanders would probably lose again.
Oct 27, 2017
What will people's reaction be here if/when Sanders does drop out and endorses Biden in light of the accusation against him?
Lesser of two evils? 🤷‍♂️

Look, I don’t want to put someone in that is an accused rapist, but the opposite? Trump? It’s going to hurt so many more people now and the future generations.

I’m a minority that hasn’t been too harmed by the Trump administration, but I know many will be, it’s a pragmatic vote, even if I don’t necessarily like it.