Bob Iger: "Following 'The Rise of Skywalker,' Star Wars will go on hiatus"


Oct 25, 2017
Ibis Island
2015 - Force Awakens
2016 - Rogue One
2017 - Last Jedi
2018 - Solo

Its over saturating the Star Wars brand.

What you will run into is "Joe Normal" public will eventually say "fuck, I've seen enough Star Wars, I'm good for a while". The hardcore will go every time, but you can't guarantee $600 mill+ WW on that and SW also doesn't have the hold in China where there's no nostalgia bump for the brand and quite frankly lightsaber battles are quaint and dull compared to the types of action in other film properties nowadays.
This is why we need them to ditch the "there's only a handful of lightsabers" stuff for the next trilogy.
That or go full-on into KOTOR and such. I feel like the Prequel-era made today would be really popular with a bunch of different Jedi characters for people to attach to. But since that's already set in-stone KOTOR is the best spot for them to mess with.


The Fallen
Oct 28, 2017
Star Wars should always feel like an event, and even tho their release schedule wasn’t MCU level heavy, it still made each SW release feel less important than it should have. Heck, I remember seeing a trailer for Solo before Infinity War and thinking “wait, didn’t this come out already?” (It had not).

They need to make each cycle of Star Wars feel like 1999/2015. A generational event that you’ve been waiting for. Not a commodity that share holders demanded a 10 year release plan of.


Dec 9, 2017
Hopefully this is Disney learning some lessons from developing this whole sequel trilogy. The whole enterprise certainly could’ve been executed a lot better if they didn’t rush the pre-production which is what can turn a potentially great set of films into just “Ok” ones; ala The Hobbit. There’s an interview with Lawrence Kasdan where one can see how Disney started off on the wrong foot with The Force Awakens:
We’re in a room in this hotel in Santa Monica, just trying to figure out what Episode VII should be, and Michael was struggling as much as any of us. Then it got more intense, because now J.J. [Abrams] came in, so it’s me and J.J. and Michael and a bunch of executives from Lucasfilm, going, “Well, what could happen next?” That is no way to write something, and it went on for months.
They were getting close to when they were supposed to start production. We had nothing. So they came to me and said, “Will you do this with J.J.? We told Michael and he’s good with it.” I said all right. It was just us. They got rid of everybody. Now you’re free.
Hopefully 3 years is enough time for them to develop some good ideas and figure out where to take the series.

Isaac Tea

Oct 30, 2017
Goddamnit. I just want to watch Star Wars movies. My dreams came through when they first announced the new trilogy, now this nonsense. NO matter how good or bad, it's still a new movie in the universe and I enjoy all of it nonetheless. Better than the nothering we are going to get now.


Oct 25, 2017
Goddamnit. I just want to watch Star Wars movies. My dreams came through when they first announced the new trilogy, now this nonsense. NO matter how good or bad, it's still a new movie in the universe and I enjoy all of it nonetheless. Better than the nothering we are going to get now.
It's literally only a 3 year break, no different than the gaps in the OT and PT movies. And this time where's going to be 3+ live action and 2+ animated shows in that time period as well. (The Mandalorian, Cassian Andor Show, Obi-Wan show, The Clone Wars Season 7, New Dave Filoni animated show).


Oct 26, 2017
I got no issue at all with a star wars film every year the galaxy is large enough. They just insisted on trying to only flcrsft things around the OT somehow.


Oct 27, 2017
Athens, Greece
Movies should get a break but if Mandalorian is good I think the franchise could offer more series, I read the expanded universe had some interesting stuff, why not focus on those stories?

John Caboose

Oct 26, 2017
Rogue One and Solo made people feel ”yeah maybe this is too much Star Wars”. So yeah maybe don’t make more of those kinds of movies.

Also they weren’t good so there’s that.


Oct 28, 2017
It's understandable and needed at this point, but it didn't need to be this way

Personal view? The ST came out of the gate with an identity crisis. As a cohesive whole TFA and TLJ didn't know whether they wanted to be a passing of the torch or a new guard focused piece, with no effective creative roadmapping to do both. It's a shame, because as individual pieces I liked much of RO, a little of Solo, much of TFA and a fair bit of TLJ - it's just the way they came out as a branding felt exhausting and scattershot 'see what sticks' approach.

Let Palpy come back for one last round of hamming it up and then go away and think how they build it up again afresh in that sandbox
Oct 28, 2017
The people in charge of Star Wars have done terrible work. The chaos is just completely unacceptable. That there wasn’t a framework for a trilogy in place is just insane to me.


Oct 25, 2017
Rogue One was amazing.
Personally I found absolutely nothing to like about it. It had unmemorable characters, and the Vader scene was completely ridiculous.

Whatever floats your boat, I guess.
People are easily wowed by spectacle I guess. Was the cinematography and production design great? Absolutely. Was the final act space battle probably the best one the series has done? Yes. Was the last minute with Vader cool? Yes. Do those things make the movie good? I'd say no, although sure it's ultimately enjoyable.

Rogue One's big issue is all the characters suck. Most of them are barely more than cardboard cutouts, and the couple who are still don't have much depth to them. I don't care about any of the characters by the end of the movie except for K2-SO, which is a problem and makes the sacrifice (which would otherwise be pretty cool) fall flat.

Basically, Rogue One had all the makings of an "amazing" movie, but it didn't quite get there due to really weak and undeveloped characters and writing.


Nov 28, 2018
being totally honest I would have gladly just taken Rogue One instead of the new trilogy and have them just do one-off films.