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Are you happy with your gaming decisions this generation?


Nov 26, 2017
I'm happy with my purchases, but I'm in the same boat where I'm sure I played less then last generation. One factor is that multiplayer crew is almost completely dissolved now. But I'm still incredibly happy with purchases.

I usually have a few regrettable purchase decisions made in a fit of nostalgia, but these only come along once a year or so.


Oct 27, 2017
My two main complaints are the DS4 and PSN. The DS4 is probably the crappiest gamepad I have used in my 30+ years of playing video games. The battery life is terrible and they break easily. I think I am on controllers #4 and #5 and I am pretty much the only person who uses them. I have had the triggers break on the previous three I had, even though I don't smash or otherwise abuse my controllers.

As for PSN, I have had a terrible amount of trouble with voice chat, and the rest of it is just painfully slow. I almost saved a video a few days ago of how long it took for me to start a party and invite a friend to join. Xbox Live in 2009 was better than PSN is in 2019.

That being said, Spider-Man PS4 was probably worth the price of admission on its own. The rest of Sony's exclusives, however, don't do much for me.
Interesting, generation was good to me game wise but that's going to be each on their own. As far as the DS4, I'm still using my original and I bought the system when Destiny launched. Not sure why we've had such different experiences. Also I think I'm just used to the PS controllers. Sony systems have been my primary since the PS2.


Oct 25, 2017
I could have saved the $400 I spent on the PS4 that I booted up for 3 or so games. But it's no big loss and maybe I'll get around to some of those other games at some point in the future.

I could have also saved some cash by not picking up a few Wii U titles that I ended up purchasing on Switch, but I enjoyed them both times through so no big loss their either.

All in all no real loss, The entertainment value seemed about right for the expenditure so whatever.


Oct 26, 2017
Yep. Only mild regret is getting an X1--sold it off in a year or so when Play Anywhere became a thing. I think Halo 5 was the only thing I played on it that never made it to PC and that was pretty meh.

Otherwise my PS4 and Switch (and Switch Lite) have gotten a ton of usage. I probably could have done without upgrading to a PS4 Pro as I still don't have a 4KTV. But my launch sounded like it was on it's last legs so not a total waste. Would probably get a Slim if I had it to do over again.

Game wise I did mostly a great job of not building any backlog (never had more than 2 or 3 games to play next and mostly stick to 0-1 backloggged games) and sticking in my wheelhouse more and not having hype lead me to buy things I end up not liking much.


Jan 12, 2018
PS4 only here this gen. While I enjoyed a number of games, I think I should have waited for the Switch. I would have bought less games and probably enjoyed them more.
I have no idea what I'm going to do for next-gen--if I even buy a new console.


Oct 27, 2017
I'm very happy with my purchasing decisions overall. There are a few games I wish I would have waited for bigger price drops on (God of War, Gravity Rush 2, Yoshi's Woolly World, Freedom Wars) but not many.


Oct 29, 2017
Best value of the gen: Game Pass Ultimate

Biggest disappointment of the gen: the demise of Best Buy GCU

Best change of the gen: Cross platform play


The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
I've been very happy with my decisions.

PS4 constantly get's use, I upgraded to the Pro and then replaced it with the limited Death Stranding edition Pro.

Switch was worth it for Zelda at launch alone but this holiday season has made me go back to it big time.

I only just got an Xbox One this year, opting for the X model, but with Gamespass being so cheap it was a no brainer.


Oct 28, 2017
Stuck with a gaming laptop, which allowed me to play some really great games in between bouts of Dota 2 and PUBG.

Happy that I resisted the urge to buy a PS4 just for Bloodborne, because eventually I got to play it for peanuts on PS Now.

I've let my PS Now subscription lapse, and now my laptop is dead, so I have no place to play games after narrowly resisting the urge to build a PC over Black Friday weekend. Now I'm just waiting for next gen to see what's up.

My only regret is that I am not filthy rich with loads of free time.


Jul 30, 2019
I regret buying the Day One Xbox One, should of got the PS4 which I have now, since then I have upgraded to PS4 Pro and gone digital only with buying games in sales from different country stores at a fraction of the regular RIP off price.


Feb 9, 2018
My big regret for this gen was buying a desktop instead of a laptop. Last gen I bought a high-end laptop early-ish in the generation and it served my lifestyle super well. Going around being able to play my entire collection at friends' places etc.

This gen I decided to get a desktop (mainly cause I bought into the propaganda of "There's no such thing as a 'gaming laptop'".

Super regretted it. I live in three different homes, was going to school at night after work, and attend regular game jams. I had a lower-end laptop which satisfied most cases but it wasn't ideal.

One thing I'm glad about that desktop is that it was compatible with VR so I bought an Oculus Rift which I used to make my portfolio piece which landed me my current job. Sooo at least it provided that.


Oct 25, 2017
Pretty happy overall. Think the one game I'm still pretty angry at myself for buying at launch was FF15.


Oct 30, 2019
I own a PS4 for Bloodborne, basically. It's one of my favorite games so I don't regret it, but the rest of the PS4 library is middling. Death Stranding and Persona 5 technically aren't exclusives, so that leaves GoW as the only other true exclusive I played. It was OK. Spiderman and Horizon look very middling to me.

Glad I dodged a Switch. Borrowed a Wii U for BotW instead. Though to be fair SMT, Bayo3, NMH3, BotW2 have my attention... but they're all in the future.

As a primarily PC player, it's been great. Loads of great indies. Japanese developers finally embracing the platform. Revisiting older games on 4K TV. I am looking forward to using the Steam controller.
Oct 25, 2017
United Kingdom
PS4, PS4 Pro, Switch and built a new PC a few years ago. Tons of great games, 3rd party and exclusives, no regrets, it's been a great gen for me.

I was a little sad I didn't get an Xbox One this gen, as I normally go multi-platform but I honestly don't regret that either. Xbox just didn't deliver much of what I wanted this time and anything I did want, I could now play on PC.


Oct 27, 2017
I made a lot of purchases of games I have no interest in earlier in the year. I won't name them because people will overreact if I did. But those are the very people who convinced me in buying them.


Oct 26, 2017
Yes, I spent money on great games, and not the many dull duds recommended by GAF.


Nov 10, 2019
In terms of hardware, this gen I bought a graphics card (4 years ago) and a high refresh rate monitor only. Skipped all consoles and really, I'm very happy with PC.

I like handhelds so Switch would have been nice but I can't justify it for mario odyssey as I have a Wii-U. Hoping for a steam capable handheld that performs well so I have my huge library of indies. Other than that, Dreams on PS4 to mess around with and Crash Team Racing as there aren't enough kart games on PC. Sunset Overdrive thankfully made its way.

I did play way too much Overwatch though...shit I have to boot it up now.
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Oct 27, 2017
This was the gen I switched to mainly PC, so no regrets there.

- Don’t miss my Xbox One
- Didn’t really need the Pro upgrade. Could’ve saved $140 there.
-Didn’t need the Oculus Rift. Would rather have saved the $350 for PC upgrades.
Oct 27, 2017
no, I impulse bought too many games on sale/new games based on hype and never put the time into them that they deserved. Next gen I might go back to physical and Im gonna try to hold off on buying new games until I beat what I have


Oct 25, 2017
Yeah. I just wish I had more time. I'm going to see if I can use the time between now and launch of the 9th gen consoles to shrink my backlog a bit.


Oct 25, 2017
I'm pretty happy with how things turned out this gen.

I jumped into consoles big time, and that wound up expanding my horizons past what had been mainly AAA PC games, into more RPGs (JRPGs and SRPGs being two genres I play a lot more), Playstation exclusives (stuff like Catherine and Persona have made Atlus one of my favorite publishers), and Nintendo and their exclusives (Fire Emblem has, similarly, become one of my favorite franchises).

I also wound up enjoying the merits of portable gaming, and while I seem to have missed it in its heyday, I'm very VERY happy with my Vita, Switch, and 2DS, and they all let me play more games of a greater variety than I used to. Chipping away at games while at different places is something that I've found extremely handy, and it certainly helps me to finish more games quicker. .

The other thing I was able to start doing this generation was build up a physical collection. I've always enjoyed looking at game pickup threads and collection videos, and now I'm slowly building up one of my own, which helps because I've always wanted to have a collection of *something*, so having it be of games since I play and enjoy them so much is fitting.

The other good decision was subscribing to Gamefly, which has saved me money and let me try more games that I wouldn't have otherwise, and helped me buy fewer games that I wind up not liking. Being able to rent a title, keep it if you like it, and send it back if you're finished and/or don't like it, is extremely handy and convenient. I just wish I'd subscribed to the service sooner. Instead of having to wait a year or two for price drops, I can play more recent games, and that's something that's of course handy.

The big regret I have is in getting the Switch so early. It's not that it's a bad system, or that i don't like it, but I got it early on in its life when there wasn't all that much to play, and wound up not using it that much for a year or so since I was waiting for the games to come out. It would've been better to just wait till the magic number (5 games for me) hit, and then buy the system then. It was a bit of a lesson though - I'd rather there be enough games to play, and for me to get a good deal on the system, than be there ASAP. Hopefully I'll keep that in mind for when the PS5 comes along.


Aug 10, 2018
I've gotten much more out of both platforms that I got than I expected. When I bought an Xbox One, I was figuring I'd mainly play sports games on it. But it opened me up to Hitman, Assassin’s Creed, and the Forza series.

Likewise, this summer when I bought a Switch, I was anticipating that it would mostly get used as a handheld, supplementing my Xbox. Instead it's largely replaced it, at least during a slow fall for Xbox games that interest me. I've thrown myself back into series like Zelda and Fire Emblem that I hadn't considered in years.


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Oct 25, 2017
Very much so. However, I regret buying my One S. I bought it shortly before play anywhere was announced and Sunset Overdrive went to PC.

And since I have a good PC, I would have been fine without it.
Oct 28, 2017
As someone who stuck with PC and Xbox One S mostly, yes. Those systems rule.

Also briefly purchased a Switch and a PS4 at some point and eventually traded them in. Wouldn't mind revisiting the PS4 at some point, but Switch does so little for me.


Feb 11, 2019
Yes. The Switch made me excited about video games again and has quickly become my favorite console of all time. I played my PS4 every now and again before the Switch came out but no one gets me excited like Nintendo. I’ve played so many great games since 2017


Oct 26, 2017
I became a patient gamer for the most part, it's been awesome. Just bought my first PS4 a few days ago thanks to the incredible Slim bundle, and I bought a One S last fall because it was price point I was okay with.

Definitely think I made the right decision, I'm playing the same games everyone else played, only they're patched, have editions that now include DLCs, and they're cheaper than they were at launch.

The only exception console-wise is Switch, bought it day 1 and it's quickly become my favorite console ever. I want to play every game on the go now.

PC-wise I'm rocking a 1060, 8gb of ram, and an i3 6100 which I was expecting to just hold me over until I decided to spend the money for an i7, but it's surprisingly great and I don't really have any issues playing games at 1080p.
Oct 27, 2017
Very happy with my PS4. So many great games.

OK with my PSVR. Kinda fun, some good stuff to be had.

Kinda meh with my Switch. It just sits there. Not a lot of exclusives I care about, I don't give a shit about portability, and I'll buy multiplats on PS4 for better fps and graffix plus trophies.


Oct 27, 2017
So how do you feel about this generation regarding the games you played, the consoles you decided to buy, the games that were available, or whatever you want to share?
Unfortunately, extremely lukewarm. There were plenty of games this gen that I thoroughly enjoyed, but there were nowhere near as many as last gen, and I actually thought at the time that last gen was kind of bad (it somewhat was for me until 2009 anyway). Last gen had so many new great IPs and we didn't seem to have to wait nearly as long. We had to wait a very long time for this gen to even really start, aside from outliers like Bloodborne. There was also a lot more innovation, especially in the AAA space last gen.

Also, I'm likely in the select minority around here on this issue, but I really do not like open-world games much at all. To me they end up being less focused games that spread the experience too thin, and what we end up with is a whole lot of "OK" to medicore side things to do wrapped on top of a relatively small critical path where all of the good stuff is. This gen was the gen everything tried to be open-world too, kind of like how last gen tried to be First-person and "RPG elements" everything.

If anything, this was better than Gen 6 for me, but I'm not sure that's saying much. Part of that was on me though since I got rid of my PS2 after finishing Devil May Cry and Metal Gear Solid 2 not realizing how many good games were actually coming eventually. I was stuck with the Dreamcast and Gamecube that gen. I did play a lot of EQ and WoW during that period though, so it's not like I didn't have anything to play.
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Feb 22, 2019
Mostly yes. I bought a couple of games that I didn't play (but this seems to be kind of normal I guess). Overall I didn't spent much to be honest and used my PS4 mostly for AAA exclusives. I also purchased a New nintendo 3DS which I played a lot on in the early days I bought it but haven't touched in a while. I am sad it was discontinued and the Switch took over, but it is okay.

I am pretty good at keeping myself from mindless overspending though, but there is still a possibility I buy a Switch this gen lol


The Fallen
Oct 27, 2017
Orlando, Florida
Not overall no, in terms of wasting money this gen has been the worst. Got a ps4 day 1 went all digital spent thousands then had my account banned after doing a chargeback after my account was stolen and Sony wouldn’t help me get the money back, didn’t know it’d get banned. Then I moved to pc as my main platform for most of the gen, had ps4 and Xbox for exclusives. Spent thousands over the years on old games new games then toward the end of 2018 I went from an og Xbox one to an Xbox one x and then eventually ps4 of to pro and fell back in love with consoles, I noticed I finished games less and enjoyed them less on pc even though I had more to play. Then because of my ocd and bad money habits I began the cycle of rebuying old games and moving to a new main platform again this time the Xbox platform I did the calculation the other day and I’ve spent around $1500 since getting the one x around Black Friday 2018 and that’s without buying new games day 1 which I do very rarely these days but used to do for everything.

This all stemmed from my bad money habits I’ve always had but also because it’s the gen I had the most disposable income but still sucks to realize it, I am going to do my best to stick to Xbox as my main stuff next gen but being the big nerd I am who knows if I get the itch to go back to pc or if Sony wins me over for the main platform, I always buy everything for the exclusives anyway.


Apr 18, 2018
Regret getting a one early on had I know the one x was coming and also regret not getting a ps4 sooner(just recently bought one on Black Friday) god of war is excellent, definitely the pinnacle of an adventure game.
Dec 15, 2017
Building a PC in late 2013 was the best gaming decision ever. I do regret choosing a 760 vs a R9 280 and an fx 6300 va a haswrll i5 though. I never got to play much with emulators due to this and Kepler aged like milk.

That being said, with the massive backlog I have I don't see me building a new PC any time soon.


Jan 6, 2019
Yeah. Only regret was buying Fallout 4 day 1. Will never make that mistake with Bethesda again. Other than that pretty good.


Oct 27, 2017
Los Alfheim
I wasted far too much time on a certain game this gen that led to the exponential growth of my backlog. My backlog from last gen was already humongous due to college. This backlog of mine is a problem. I might have to partake in the threads here where people commit to finishing X amount of games a year. I might also have to change my style of play (still a bit of a completionist).

I also kind of regret not buying a One X last year. I got too caught up in thinking about next gen consoles and their release dates and didn't focus enough on the strengths of the One X. Even past next gen, the One X will still be a great machine for indies, BC games, 4k movies, etc.


Oct 27, 2017
I haven't purchased any current gen hardware or software, so yes very happy.

I almost bit on the $200 PS4 BF bundle but decided to hold out as the games continue to plummet in price. Late adopting is best adopting.


Oct 25, 2017
I regret buying a PS4 for SFV and Blood Borne. Turned out I didn’t like both games. Haven’t turned it on in 4 years.


Oct 29, 2017
Yes, only real regret is getting Red Dead Redemption 2 for PS4 like a fool instead of waiting for the PC release.


The Fallen
Oct 27, 2017
Most of my Switch purchases has been a waste of money.

I guess Eshop really is the new Steam


The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
Yes and no. I LOVE some of the games I've played. This gen has been fantastic. That said, I've also dropped way more than I ever wanted to. Love the Witcher 3, never finished it or played the DLC because I HAD to do all the side quests until I got burnt out. Death Stranding, Divinity, Evil Within 2, REmake, Prey, Neir, Control, Nioh, and so many other games I haven't gotten back to while I spend time doing something else while the backlog grows ever larger. :/

Henry Jones Jr

Oct 27, 2017
I've been happy with the games I have played, but I bought way too many. Backlog is huge this gen due to less time.